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Hello everyone!

I officially welcome you to my website ayockbestfootwears.com

This page basically focus on fashion and lifestyle. Which I believe virtually every body on the surface of the earth admire a better lifestyle..


My name is Ayockson, born and brought up in the northern part of Nigeria, in a community were children feel so comfortable walking bear footed not because they wish to, but situation and condition make them reconform to that standard. I could still remember, back then were I’ve to walk miles and miles away from home with no shoe just to write my common entrance into high school (secondary school).

It’s appears to be normal and fun as kids but trust me it was never easy ” it was surffering in disguise”. Talking of the environmental hazard and dangers on the ground, the scourging sun of the day heating ur feet. Despite so much pain and struggle we couldn’t give up cos the must painful part of given up is you don’t get to tell a story of how you failed to go to school because you don’t have shoes.. Those moments mould and shaped our lives, they bring out d willing spirit in us, and propel us to our apex level in life which I believe I’m just a mile away.

One thing though was the driving force “education”, ” we must aquire that education”  cause we all believe it’s the key way to success.

Growing up without much insight of what footwear was, never served as limitation but a driving force to the search of the important and necessity of this material(shoe). I learned to turn negativity into positivity, adversity into advantage and stumbling blocks into stepping Stones. I know we all have our different experience and story, which either serve as huddles that weigh us down or stepping stone that take us to greatness. I believe mine is a stepping stone to greatness.


Over the years as shopping experience has become more and more ingrained into our psyche we are conditioned to purchase items as often as possible.

Shoes has become a statement of who or what we are and denote class status wealth and fashion.

So I want to help people make the right choice of their foot wear, what foot wear combination feet their dress and also to help them have the best and quality foot wear ever.

That moment u have allot of luxury clothes and nice trousers but u get stuck at what shoe goes perfect with it, ayocksonbestfootwears.com is here to help you out on How to get it, where to get it at affordable price, and ready to keep you updated on trends and what’s new.


Ayocksonbestfootwears.com goals is not doing something new but doing something differently from the regular way of fashion. It’s to bring more insight to your perception about fashion, footwear, and the trends. It bringing to u that best footwear u ever long for, that perfect shoe u always wish for ur awesome leg.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Best regards,



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