Best wrist watches for Men : Find a wrist watch that really stands out from the rest

You need this luxury wrist watch to add to that outstanding finishing touch to your outfit. A wrist watch is an essential device used virtually by every human being for many reasons. These reasons could be as a way of fashion to augment an outfit. And most importantly is to help keep track of time during the day or night for daily activities. Time is very precious to us and for that reason it should be spent judiciously. 

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A wrist watch is portable to be won and carry about without causing fatigue to the wrist, rather design to be comfortable to the wearer. It is embedded with a plethora of features which includes: a strap that helps it stay fit and snug on the wrist, a buckle and a buckle tongue for proper adjustment (how tight and loose it should be on the wrist) and comfort, a case that houses the dial and sub-dial and a pusher that is used to reset chronograph timing. It’s of different brand, color, design, style and model, thus option is never a problem. 


I was invited for an interview in an organization I’ve long all my life to work with. I was more than excited . . . It was a dreamed coming to fulfillment. The interview was scheduled for 10am the next day. Considering the proximity from where i reside to the organization, i have to leave home early so i could meet up.

So I was all prepared and set for the interview. On my wrist was a golden and a charitable watch. It goes perfectly well with my outfit. It was to help keep me on time, but unfortunately the time wasn’t correct. To cut the long story short, I missed my appointment. 

Say bye to going late to work, missing important appointment by purchasing yourself a wrist watch today! 

Lige Herren

Lige Herren Men’s watch
Best Price: Amazon

The lige herren is one of the best wrist watch for men because of it unique designed and durability quality. This watch uses a special fluorescent substance that glows in the dark (it needs to absorb enough light before it shines). It has a battery that provide accurate timing and service life of more than 2 years. A thick and comfortable stainless steel silver strap will never fade. The watch has a multi-function design which includes: small dials and buttons work, with support for stopwatches, chronographs, and calendars, this is a perfect gift for your family, friends and yourself. Its waterproof, usually can withstand splash or short-term immersion in water and come with 2 years warranty. 

Alienwork Ik

Alienwork IK mechanical automatic
Best Price : Amazon

It’s well-known for it mechanic movement head designed, which makes it a top choice for many customers. The Alienwork watch with metal bracelet is made of tempered mineral glass for a clear view of the dial and hands that glow in the dark. It movement is automatic without battery. The movement of the wrist is enough to start the mechanism of the watch. It is a luxury addition to any outfit, perfect for a self treat as well as a great gift idea for someone special. 

Forsining Retro classic

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Forsining Retro classic
Best Price: Amazon

Just as the name implies ” Retro classic” it’s indeed classic in design, function and condition. The rich brown finish, complements the solid leather strap and golden shining case. Band are made of high quality leather that give a classic definition of the watch and offer an optimal comfort to the wrist. Looking closely at the skeletal dial design reveals the fashion point of view. It uses battery and comes with manufacturer warranty of 1year. 


civo men’s watch

Are you looking for a more comfortable and fashionable wrist watch that can be won on any outfit and under any condition? The civo is what you need! It’s waterproof and can withstand water splash or short immersion in water. The bracelet is made from high quality and durable leather material that would last for a long period. It uses battery which support the movement. A more sophisticated engine that can serve for more than two years. It comes in various colorways to match every dress you are putting on.


Rolex watch Men
Best Price: Amazon

This wrist watch is crafted with scrupulous attention to details and it is well-known for it impeccable design and timeless elegance. This luxury wrist watch is all you need to add to that outstanding finishing touch of your outfit. It comes in various style, design, color and model, that offers excellent value for money. 

Navy force

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Navy Force Watch Men
Best Price: Amazon

This unique wrist watch has multi-function designs on the dial. A small window that indicate calendar. The pliable strip feature two free loops, with a buckle and buckle tongue for adjustment and snug tight. You won’t regret putting your hard-earned money to secure this wrist watch. It’s affordable and offer excellent value for money. 

Patek Philippe

patek philippe
Best Price: Amazon

Say “Hi” to the world most valuable and complicated wrist watch. It is made from real valuable materials; a stainless case with well-designed lugs holes, a crown which is used for time setting and bracelet attaching portions. The dial has a well define logo mark and calendar window. It’s highly versatile. 


chopard men’s watch
Best Price : Amazon

This brand is well-known for it unique design and style. It has an ash case that features a crown used to reset time and a pusher that function to start, stop and reset chronograph timing. The dial has a nice and an attractive design with 3 sub- dials on it, each indicating a particular function of either second, minutes or hour.


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curren men’s watch
Best Price: Amazon

When you are looking out for an elegant design and unique wrist watch that would complement your outfit for any kind of occasion, the curren definitely won’t disappoint you. It has water resistant property, 30 meter waterproof (Not suitable for swimming, diving, shower etc). Dial is made of high hardness Crystal mirror with Calendar display. It is versatile as it can go perfectly with any kind of dress or outfit. 

Omega SA

Omega SA
Best Price: Amazon

Omega is unique in it simple design. Very portable to used. The dial features an omega logo and window that function to display calendar. 

IWC Shaffhausen

Iwc Shaffhausen
Best Price: Amazon

IWC Shaffhausen, Is cherished and valued by many customers for it impeccable design and quality. The pliable strip is made of quality leather and has a brown color to complement the gold case. It has a multi-function design on the dial which include sub-dial that indicate calendar.

Reef Tiger

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Reef Tiger
Best Price: Amazon

The tiger is a classic dress watch for men that Augment and complement every outfit. It’s of different varieties. Ranging from styles, colorways, design and size. The band offers the wrist every necessary comfort the wearer needs. It has a simple design for simplicity outfit.

Cost and Value

How would it feel that you put your hard-earned cash to secure a wrist watch that gives you in return an excellent value of the money you put in? Trust me! It would be a great feeling. The wrist watches seems expensive but considering their matchless styles, designs and quality, the price seems more cheap.

Bottom line

The choice of what we wear on our body differs due to our different taste and fashion viewpoint. However, these wrist watches are designed to go perfectly well with any kind of outfit and to meet up with any fashion taste. Wearing a wrist watch does not only complement your outfit but also make you look more polite. A quick glance towards your wrist is a much classier way to keep tabs on time during a date or a meeting. Not to mention how rude it would seem to your companions if you pulled out your phone during a conversation.

Wrist watch help wearer stick to time and have a saner schedule. Aside the time, it creates a relationship between the wearer and time knowing that time is limited.

Find a wrist watch that really stands out from the rest. It could be the beginning of a long friendship.

Fashion Boots-Best Festival Boots Made just For You

Do you get stuck and frustrated at rainy days and Rocky terrains, that got you thinking and wishing you have boots that can take you on the go? Or you’re a festival goer that is looking for fashion boot for his/her festival adventures? We’ve got you covered. You are at the perfect and right junction where you would be guided and directed to get the best fashion boot made just for you.

What is your favorite festival? Burning man? Or you are the Coachella goer? Either way, what matter most is what you wear on your body and feet if it made or break your festival experience. You would really feel bad when out and about on long hours of walking and standing on boot that can cause aching feet, legs and back, blisters and bruises, ” that would really be painful and annoying”. So fear not, for we’ve taken it upon ourselves to bring to you the best of fashion boot that would make your festival experience a memorable and remarkable one, and every day adventure awesome.

Joules field wellie

Joules Field Well Rain Boot

Price: $ (click below and see price on amazon)
Amazon best price


>Soft textile lining
>Adjustable buckle strap
>Synthetic sole
>Easy on/off
>Durable construction


>Scuff easily
>Tight at the opening

The joules field wellie rain boot are guaranteed authentic and are crafted with traditional styles and features that ensure you enjoy your festival adventures with no pains. The closure is pull-on, and the waterproofing would not fail you and leave your feet wet, no matter the condition you witness at the festival of your choice. Also, the thoflining in this boot create a cozy and snug fit on your legs when you need it the most. This type of lining is exceptionally flexible, given a wiggle room for your legs to move freely without restrictions and pains. Additionally, the lining help to keep your feet dry and cool after a long day adventure. 

Image result for Joules field welly
Field Wellies With Adjustable Back Gusset

The price tag of these boots is mid-range that is budget-friendly, and customers find that they provide excellent value for money, considering the maximum satisfaction they provide and how long the last.

Hunter original

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Hunter Original Mid Calf Wellinton Boot

Price: $ (click below and see price on amazon)
Amazon best price


>High traction
>Adjustable strap
>Good waterproofing
>Textile lined


>Finish wears easily
>Limited color

These great boots won’t only keep you in complete comfort no matter the weather condition or terrain, but also protect your legs from dangerous elements on the ground that can be injurious to the feet. The softness rubber materials used on the boots gives you a cozy and comfy fit when you are out at about. The amazing outsole provide you with optimal traction and protection against any extreme temperature on the ground, either hot or cold. There is no need to worry about how much mud or water you are walking through, for the boot would protect you from all of it. They help to keep your feet cool and dry leading to healthy feet and lifestyle.

Image result for Hunter original
Hunter Original Short Rain Boot

Considering the quality of these boots and the matchless styles and color possibilities make them a top choice for users. They have durable and lasting quality that make them a great value for money. Try them out and you won’t have any course to regret.

Spylovebuy Karlie

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Spylovebuy: Boys and Girls

Price: $ (click below and see price on amazon)
Amazon best price


>Great grip
>Superior fit
>Great Color ways
>All day wear
>Great design
>All conditions and terrain


>Runs narrow
>Tight at the opening
>Scuff easily

You’re looking for a cute style festival boot? The spylovebuy Karlie is perfect for you! The design styling for these boots is unbelievable varied, from the skulls and roses to the most iconic Patterns that you will ever find. They are great waterproof, and can easily be slip on and off over with a pair of jeans and T-shirt. Additionally, they have incredible durable and lasting construction property that allow customers to enjoy using them for a long period. The sole of these boots offers extremely gripping quality, superior protection against water, mud, debris and dangerous elements on the ground that can be harmful to feet. You would definitely stand out in the crowd if you give these boot a try, they are perfect fashion boot for every festival of your choice.

Knee High Rain Snow Waterproof Boot

The Boots feature amazing styles for money making the cost seems even less. They ensure your feet stay cozy and snug, cool and dry all day long. The boots can last you an exceptional amount of time because of their great durability.

Combat Boots

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Fashion Combat Boot Men’s

Price: $ (click below and see price on amazon)
Amazon best price


>Excellent grip and stability
>waterproof leather
>Great cushioning and traction
>Environmental friendly
>Lacing system


>Not too versatile

These boots were initially designed and won by soldier, going little versatile they became available for everyone and can be won to walk on any terrain with maximum assurance of protection against all dangerous environmental elements. Looking at the boot closely you noticed the lacing system that help to keep feet tight within the boot so they don’t flip out when you are on the go. Outsole of these amazing boots are made from durable rubber materials that offers optimal grip to the ground that ensure maximum traction, support and protection on rugged environment. The upper is traditional made hardened and sometimes waterproof leather, additionally, the upper are very breathable, that allow enough flow of air in and out of the boots for a better ventilation that keep foot cool and dry all day.

Image result for combat boots
White Fashion Combat Boot

The price tag of the boots is indeed budget-friendly, considering the excellent plethora features embedded in them. Give it a try today and thank me tomorrow.

Bunny Boots or Mickey Mouse Boots

Image result for Bunny Boots or Mickey Mouse Boots
Black Mickey Mouse Boots

Price: $ (click below and see price on amazon)
Amazon best price


>Excellent traction
>Superrior Support
>Optimal grip
>Excellent Design
>Environmental friendly


>Won mostly in cold weather condition

Are you worried because of the cold climatic condition of your environment, you can now fly through the air and stop worrying, the Bunny Boots is made just for you. These Bunny Boots are designed and won majorly on extremely cold weather conditions of (-20°F to -60°F), with the liner-free interior retaining warmth by sandwiching up to one inch of wool and felt insulation between two vacuum-tight layers of rubber; this vacuum layer insulates the wearer’s feet similar to a thermos flask. They are waterproof and provide wearer’s with every necessary support and comfort they need. The midsole offers optimal cushioning and absorb shock at every footfall.

White Bunny Boot

Owing to their warmth and Low price, these boots have become staple extreme cold weather gear both in civilian work and recreational environments. These boots provide wearer’s with every satisfaction and with a low price tag they are top choice for users and can be your best choice today if you try them out.

Mountain Combat Boots (MCB)

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Mountain Combat Boot

Price: $ (click below and see price on amazon)
Amazon best price


>Excellent for rugged terrain
>Ankle stability
>Great optimal grip
>Superior cushioning


>Limited color-ways

Mountain Combat Boots (MCB) are durable, hiking-style combat boot used by the likes of Mountain troops. The boot is designed for rugged terrain and has the ankle stability, support and mobility required in a mountainous environment. The sole of these boots are made from durable and highly abrasion-resistant rubber material that offers optimal grips to the ground to prevent wearers from slippery and to ensure maximum traction. They help to protect the feet from injurious organism on the ground

Image result for Mountain Combat Boots (MCB)
Mountain Combat Boot

They have low price tag and have plethora features that make them perfect value for money.

Danner Acadia

Danner Men’s Acadia

Price: $ (click below and see price on amazon)
Amazon best price


>Highly stability
>Maximum traction and support
>Ankle support
>Excellent cushioning


>Very expensive

The Danner Acadia are excellent combat boots that have a lot of features that make them an aggressive boots with an equal aggressive price tag. They are designed with durable and highly abrasion-resistant outsole that offers optimal grip to the ground when wearer is out and about and also offer maximum traction while on the go. Additionally to the outsole of these Boots, they help to protect and support the foot. The upper are made of waterproof lather, so you don’t need to worry of weather condition or mud and water areas, also the upper are very breathable allowing enough flow of air for proper ventilation to ensure healthy feet. Additionally, the upper feature 8 full inches with laces running up the entire exterior for proper tight, support, comfort and to ensure feet stay snug within the boot without flipping out while on the go. Midsole of these boots feature a softfoam sockliner that help to keep foot cool and dry and also to provide excellent cushioning at every foot fall.

Image result for danner acadia boots
Most Comfortable Danner Acadia

They are aggressive boots with equally aggressive price tag! But considering the awesome plethora features embedded in them, they stand out to be top choice for many customers. They provide excellent value for money. Try them out today and you would never regret putting your large hard-earned money on them but you’re indirectly making an excellent investment.

Bates GX-8 GTX

Bates GX-8 Size Zip Boot

Price: $ (click below and see price on amazon)
Amazon best price


>Highly versatile
>Highly supportive
>Excellent cushioning
>Waterproof body
>Excellent traction


>Lengthy breaking-in period
>Heavy weights 

Anytime, anywhere Bates Boots are one of the most prolific and beloved of any tactical boot on the market today. They work reasonably well under just about any circumstances with their comfortable, waterproof body that comes in light and heavy weights depending on your needs. The midsole gives you every necessary cushioning you need and the outsole can withstand any terrain either rugged or smooth, they protect feet from being hurt.

Image result for Bates GX-8 GTX
Bates GX-8 Insulated

Are you looking at your pocket if you can make a purchase? Don’t worry, you don’t have to panic, the boot has price tag that are Budget-friendly, they are affordable. You can check out and get the fit size made just for you.

Magnum Spider 8.0

Image result for magnum spider 8.0
Sepatu Boot Magnum Elite Spider

Price: $ (click below and see price on amazon)
Amazon best price


>Work in any condition
>Offer complete comfort
>Leather and mesh upper for breathability
>Excellent support and cushioning


>Wear out quickly
>Short life span

These boots are one of the most prolific and most tactical comfortable boots you can buy and wear all day long without breaking your remarkable moment i.e they are embedded with plethora features that ensure maximum satisfaction to wearers. The upper is made up of breathable leather and mesh that ensure excellent ventilation without feeling too light or airy. Additionally, the leather and mesh upper hugs the contours of the calf and ankle so they don’t slip or move independently when you walk a long distance. The midsole make used of the EVA technology to ensure superior cushioning at every footfall and provide a wiggle room for a better flexibility. With a better pair of thermal socks the boots can work in any season. Say “Hi” to the amazing outsole that make these boots work great as motorcycle boots that gives you responsive ride at every footfall and help to propel you into your next step making your walk enjoyable and fun. They keep you on track irrespective of the terrain and ground surface. They also help to keep your feet safe from dangerous elements that can cause injury.

Image result for magnum spider 8.0
Magnum Elite Spider 8.0

Kindly smile and say “Hi” to the price tag of this amazing boots, they are embedded with lots of amazing features and still have an affordable price, “what a beautiful offer”. The satisfaction these boots offer makes their price tag seems even less, but since they were made just for you, the price has to make you smile. They indeed provide excellent value for money. Get one for yourself or buy them for a friend as a gift…

Bottom line

In conclusion, all we can say is you all need fashion boots that are highly comfortable for your festivals and other occasions to be remarkable ones. The boots you wear to your festival shouldn’t break your mood down instead make you comfortable, happy and also make you stand out that all attention is on your beautiful and attractive boots. Aside the comfort, the boot should be breathable enough to ensure proper ventilation that keep your feet cool and dry after long walking and standing during your festival adventure.

Looking at the price tag on all the fashion boots mention above, they are at least to some extent fair and affordable. How beautiful would it be that you put your hard-earned money to secure boots that give you in return an excellent value of the amount you invest in, so beautiful l guess. They are all embedded with amazing plethora features that you need in any kind of fashion boot for your festival and recreational activities.

Follow the bandwagon today by purchasing any of the boots that makes a lots of customers smile on their everyday adventure.

Best dance shoes- best fit to size dance shoe made just for you

Image result for dance shoe images

what’s your best dance shoe? Are you a dancer looking for a shoe for your dancing rehearsals and stage performance, we’ve got you covered with this awesome review. Dance as a performing art consisting of purposefully selected sequences human movement. These movements can either be aerobics or anaerobic, which put a tremendous amount of pressure and strain on legs, feet, neck, hips and ankle, which can cause blister and pains to the legs and feet. Wearing the best dance shoe specifically designed for a particular style of dance help to ease movement and reduced pressure on the feet to make you have a good dancing experience. Good dancing shoes enhance efficiency and more skills to your dancing steps that give more room to new styles and flexibility. Additionally, wearing the right dancing shoe also help to support your arch by given it a responsive ride and as well give superior cushioning at every step.

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Our choice of dance shoes varies widely depending on the kind and style of dance we are into, for example the ballet dance require the use of pointe shoes ( ballet shoe) which enable dancer to stand on their toes, slide and move freely with ease into their next step, it’s an excellent teaching tool for all dancers as it is a complex mixture of technique, coordination and musicality. The Tap dance is best described as “musical feet”. Tap is a form of dance where dancers use their feet as percussive instruments. They wear shoes specially designed with metal plates on the toe and heel. These are called taps, labeling the shoes as Tap shoes. Also, Jazz dance is the most popular style of dance among dancers. Jazz embodies many aspects of dance. It has been influenced by ballet, modern, tap, hip-hop, African dance and many more styles. Jazz shoes are worn for this style and are typically a leather split sole allowing the dancers foot more freedom to bend and move. Due to the upbeat music, power packed moves and limitless style, it isn’t hard to see why this is the most popular dance style!

Making the right decision for your best dance shoe is a huge step to excellent practice and performance experience, so you are at the right junction where you would be guided and directed to where you can get the best fit to size dance shoe made just for your.

Ariat Heritage Western R Toe

Ariat Heritage Western R Toe

price:$ (click below and see price on amazon)
Amazon best price


•moisture-wicking footbed 
•ATS® technology 
•Gel cushioned footbed 
•Heel stabilizers 
•Ergonomic Design


•High price 
•Break-in period

Image result for Ariat Heritage Western R Toe images

Ariat Heritage Western R Toe

Country western or line dancing just isn’t the same without a good pair of cowboy boots. But not just any boots will do! Ariat’s heritage western is as comfy and cozy as it is stylish, thanks to their ATS® MAX™ technology. They are designed with added shock-absorbing elements and a moisture-wicking footbed, these boots are perfect for long hour of western line dancing. Additionally, the advance Torque stability (ATS®) technology add extra cushioning and support while on the go and reduced overall fatigue. They feature a moisture-wicking footbed that help to keep feet dry and cool after a long day, and as well reduced chances of sweat and odor. Its perfect for dancer

Bloch Dansoft ballet

Image result for Bloch Dansoft ballet image

Bloch Dansoft ballet

price:$ (click below and see price on amazon)
Amazon best price


•Leather upper 
•Suede outsole 
•Cotton Lining 
•Elastic Drawstring


•Size run big 
• Not too comfortable

Image result for Bloch Dansoft ballet image

Bloch Dansoft ballet

Just as the name implies, Bloch Dansoft ballet, are use for ballet dance. They are made with cotton lining, to give your feet a comfy feeling of softness all day long, and also the cotton help to absorb sweat to keep feet cool and dry at the end of dancing rehearsals and performance, without odor. Leather upper help to maintain the shoe integrity and as well enhance it stability and durability that enable the shoe to last long and serve it purpose. They are very flexible that enable to reap the benefits of all those hard-worked hours.

Grip and slip are both needed for the ballet shoe. The suede outsole provide the optimal mix-and-match protocol, that enable you slide into your next step or stop when it is necessary. Your feet are heavily worked while with the ballet shoe, so any little comfort you gain from the cotton is a necessity and Paramount. 

The price associated with this shoe is awesome budget-frindly. Moreover, these shoes are made lightweight with every possible and available comfort factor on board. As such, these best dance shoes are worthy of purchase. 

Capezio Daisy Ballet

Image result for Capezio Daisy Ballet image

Capezio Daisy Ballet

price:$ (click below and see price on amazon)
Amazon best price


•Upper leather 
•Suede outsole 
•ID Tag 
•padded footbed 
•Bar-tacked elastic drawstring


•Size run small

Image result for Capezio Daisy Ballet image

Capezio Daisy Ballet

wow! Now you can fly through the air as your step into tranquility with a leather upper and suede outsole. The durability of this amazing shoe depend largely on the suede outsole while the breathability is as a result of the upper lather that allow free flow of air for proper ventilation that keep feet cool and dry. Aside the upper and the suede outsole, the shoe feature a minimal footbed that give the feet a responsive ride as you move during dance, and as well offer support to the arch for Comfortability and stability during your long hour of rehearsals and performance. The padding is minimal and that shows that they are lightweight, making them top choice for users.

They are highly flexible with optimal breathable leather upper that help to keep feet cool and dry after long hour of dance without any odor, and as such promote better overall foot health as well. Priced to be budget-frindly, this is a pair of dance shoes ready for the ballet. And also, making this shoe from durable material makes it a great value for money.

Matisse cimmaron coconuts

Matisse cimmaron coconuts

price:$ (click below and see price on amazon)
Amazon best price


•Low Heel Height 
•Fabric Lining 
•9″ Shaft 
•Dual Pull-Tabs 
•Contrasting Trim Details


•Narrow Toe

Matisse cimmaron coconuts

Matisse cimmaron has become international favorite for many reasons, ranging from the quality and unique craftsmanship, and the stylish designs. This shoe maintains a long time quality and standard making them an ideal option for western or line dance. They feature an upper leather which contribute enormously to the durability and flexibility of the shoe, also the height Heel at the rare end of the outsole help to give users proper balance that enhance flexibility and styles during dance. A 9-inch shaft and pointed to give these a fleet appearance are sure to be the envy of the dance floor.

These hot cowboy boots are a complete steal! They offer top of the line craftsmanship and superior quality for a price that is completely budget-frindly.

Important criteria use for evaluation


When you are out to the market for a pair of dance shoe lots of factors are to be considered, what kind of shoe do you want, for what purpose are you buying the shoe, what design is your favorite and most importantly right feet size fit, because you can’t buy a dancing shoe that won’t fit your legs and inconvenient you, so to get the right fit shoe you need to know what size of shoe is for your legs, having all these in mind you would have a better decision guide on what is best for you. The shoes are embedded with plethora features that give the feet maximum support it need to ensure enjoyable practice and performance without any pains at the end of long hour dance. So if you are looking for the best size that fit your legs your can check out here….. 

Materials and durability property

How would it feel after putting a large chunk of your hard-earned money to secure a pair of dance shoe after using it for a short time and it all fall apart, trust me you won’t be happy and I won’t be happy either if I was the one. So the materials they used in constructing the shoe is a major criterion we have to look at before buying, so you know if they can last for Long period or not. Comfort and fit are crucial factor you consider in a dance shoe, so the materials use must ensure the shoe are lightweight, flexible and soft. Materials used in constructing these shoes include

Leather: are used in dance shoe because of their breathability that allow enough flow of air that help to keep feet cool and dry after a long hour of practice. Also, they are light in nature and that makes the shoe lightweight and durable.

Rubber: are majorly used for the sole which have a high moisture-resistant property and anti-slip property.

Canvas: this is a sturdy, woven material which is light and airy, making it a perfect upper material for dance shoe.

Suede: When it comes to soft suede it’s an excellent material to be used for sole of a dance shoe, for they give a perfect balance between slipperiness and grips for turns and twirls across the dance floor.


Styles is another good and awesome factor we look at when buying a dance shoe though that depends and varies widely base on individual taste. It’s in our nature that we wear footwear that is catching and attractive to everyone, its makes you feel good and also boost your self esteemed to what so ever your’re doing. So lots of things are put together for style of dance shoes which includes design, color, weight, shape and lines making them amazingly beautiful, because no one want to wear an uncomfortable shoe, and they also don’t want to wear comfortable shoe that is ugly to the eyes, so there must be proper check and balance for nice style best for customers. They are comfortable, true-to-size, supportive and durable.


Dancers spend long hours performing and practicing on hard surface (floor) which exposed feet to risk of foot related injuries. To reduce the injury risk dancers should choose shoe with quality insole that would both absorb shock and as well conform to the shape of their foot. A softer insole give support to all kind of arch, ensuring you enjoyed every moment of your rehearsals and performance on any floor.


Just about any shoe Can be danced in but what sets a good dance shoe apart from the rest is the features it offers, which will aid the dancer in performing their best. Dependent on the style of dance performed, the dancer will require different features from their dancing shoe.

Bottom line

From review and research we understand that different customers have different needs, preferences, styles and experience level of dance, so their choices of dance shoes differs widely, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to guide you in the right direction, you need to make sure your’re getting something made just for you. Now you have full assurance that purchasing any of these pairs of shoes you would never regret putting your hard-earned money on them. They provide you with every satisfaction and support you need during your long hour of practice.

How would it feel if you have put a large chunk of your hard-earned money to secure a pair of dance shoe that served it purpose for long period, I believe you would feel good and happy, the materials used in constructing these shoe got you covered, for they would last you for a long time irrespective of terrain or floor you used for your practice. The style features on these shoes make them top choice for users. You can take a step to get your best dance shoe made just for you! Don’t miss out!…

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Reebok Shoe Review-latest fashion shoe trends

Hello Everyone!

In this Review we’ll be looking at the brief history of the brand, facts behind the logo, plethora features embedded in this great shoe and we’ll also be looking at the benefit and maximum satisfaction customers enjoyed while using this awesome sneakers. So I’ll appreciate it if you can get yourself a cup of coffee on the table as you enjoyed reading this article.

Joseph William Foster in 1895, at the age of 14 started work above his father’s sweet shop in Bolton, England, and designs some of the earliest spiked running shoes. After ideas progressed, he founded his business J.W. Foster’ in 1900, later joined with his sons and changed the company name to J.W. Foster and sons. The company began distributing shoes across the union jack flag which were worn by British athletes. They were made famous by 100m Olympic champion Harold Abrahams.

In Bolton 1958, two of the founder’s grandsons, Joe and Jeff Foster formed a companion company “Reebok,” having found the name in a South African dictionary won in a running race by Joe Foster as a boy. The name is Afrikaans for the Grey rhebok, a type of African antelope. In 1982, Reebok deputed the Reebok Freestyle aerobics shoes, the first Athletic shoe designed for women, and fitness professional Gin Miller became the face of “step Reebok,” the company’s aerobics fitness campaign and program. The company in the mid to late 1980s, began to expand from tennis and aerobics Shoes to running, basketball and accessories.

Adidas acquisition

In August 2005, Adidas acquired Reebok as a subsidiary, uniting two of the largest sport outfitting companies, but maintaining operations under their separate brand names. Adidas acquire all of the outstanding Reebok shares and completed the deal valued at $3.8billion. Following the acquisition, Adidas replace the Reebok as the official uniform supplier for the NBA in 2006 with an 11-year deal that includes the WNBA and replica Jersey and warm-up gear.

Reebok logo

Reebok is scuttling the logo that once graced hundreds of professional athletes as it embraces what it is calling the sport of fitness. From its founding in the United Kingdom in 1895 until 1986, the brand featured a Union Jack flag. In 1986, it switched to the vector logo, which will be gradually phased out on all products except Reebok Classics.

The new Delta logo coincides with the brand’s “singular” focus on fitness. “Through the millennia the delta has been a symbol of change and transformation,” the company explained in a press release. “The Reebok Delta has three distinct parts each representing the changes — physical, mental and social — that occur when people push themselves beyond their perceived limits and embrace an active and challenging life.”


•Excellent cushioning
•Superb traction
•Great and ancle support
•Lightweight construction


•Suffer durability problems.
•Not the most comfortable
•Narrow fit


General futures

Reebok is a renowned athletic sports-wear company that produced quality product, with plethora features that make them unique and different from other sneakers. If you are looking for a comfortable pair of sneaker to wear in your gym, take on your run or just to throw on with a pair of jeans and T-shirt, the Reebok sneakers got you covered. The support, comfort and versatility of these sneakers is an evenly contribution of the outsole, midsole and upper given users the necessary satisfaction they ever need in any pair of sneaker.


The outsole of Reebok is made from durable, highly abrasion resistant rubber materials that enhance their durability and lifespan, enabling them last for a long period. Its feature a log-like pattern that offer optimal grip to the ground wet or dry. Aside the durability this sneaker provides to users, they also provide traction on all kinds of terrain that keep users on the go. They also protect the feet from dangerous elements that can be injurious to the feet. Thanks to the outsole of these great sneakers that make them an excellent choice for multitude activities, from running to gym section and as a casual wear for house core. The outsole contribute largely to the comfort and flexibility of the sneakers.


Versatility in every pair of shoes is always a great option. The Reebok sneakers are versatile due to their Lightweight nature making them served as a second skin to users, that keep them going all day long without lose of much energy. The midsole features a great softfoam that provide awesome cushioning and superior shock-absorption at every footfall. Besides the cushioning, they provide responsive ride that helps to propel wearers into their next step, and as well protect feet from injury. The softfoam in the midsole helps to absorb sweat generated in the feet, to keep them cool and dry after a long day walk, and also provide a wiggle room for flexibility.


Reebok sneakers has been customers favorite since 1980s due to their minimalistic designed and high comfort level. The upper is made from quality synthetic leather materials that make them lightweight and unique from other sneakers, making them a great choice for users. Breathability is one key factor that we look at when considering upper part of a sneaker, so the material used on the upper is more environmental conscious and breathable that allow enough flow of air for proper ventilation that keep feet dry and cool after a long day adventure. Additionally, the lining is made from soft materials that are very breathable and has excellent absorbing property that helps to keep feet dry and cool. The upper also feature a lacing system that provide excellent support and prevent feet from flipping off while on the go, and keep feet cozy and comfy all day.

Materials and Durability property

The materials used in constructing the Reebok sneakers contributed immensely to the shoes durability and flexibility making them the best choice for users. Oustole of the Reebok are made from durable and highly abrasion resistant rubber that offer optimal grip to the ground ensuring maximum traction. Beside the durability of this sneaker, they are lightweight in nature which make them top choice for athletes. The midsole features a soft foam sockliner that give superior cushioning and responsive ride at every footfall that helps to propel wearers into their next step. Breathability, the upper is made from synthetic materials that allow free flow of air that helps to keep feet cool and dry, this is very prominent to athletes as it helps to dry the sweat the feet produces during training. Believe me, if you’ve not tried this sneaker you’re in away missing out, I would be glad if you can try them out and enjoy the maximum satisfaction they offer.

Cost and value

We all desire to obtain a pair of shoes for ourselves for our daily activities, though the demand to get it and the availability of capital to secure it is very important. But most importantly we always wish to get a pair of shoes that would last us for a very long time, because no customers, even myself would be happy putting a large chunk of hard-earned money to secure a pair of sneaker and it fell off, few months after purchasing it. From many reviews and one on one contact with customers has shown that durability, flexibility and versatility of this sneaker has a great value for money i.e you would never regrets buying the shoe. I’m a living testimony, I’m a big fan of Reebok right from day one and the sneaker in any way hasn’t disappointed me and I believe it won’t disappoint you either if you give it a try.

Bottom line

First off, l would like to thank this brand for doing a great job on the sneakers, for embedding such amazing plethora features making it a top choice for users especially athletes. Breathability in every pair of shoes is very important as it helps to keep feet cool and dry after a long day adventure, so users don’t need to be bothered that their feet will smell after a long day walk. The sneakers feature a standard lace-up closure, that allow users to have a customized, snug fit around their feet, while the tongue and collar are lightly padded for cushioned ankle support that does not rub them raw.

Additionally, the weight of the sneakers is range between 7 to 9 ounces, depending on size and type, making this shoe as lightweight as some of the best running shoes on the market. It’s the joy of every athlete to used shoe that served as second skin due to their Lightweight instead of using shoe that tend to draw you back while on the go. This is all thanks to the materials used in the production of these sneakers, from the lightweight foam midsole and synthetic lather upper, to the lightweight cushioning inside the shoes. They are versatile, that’s, they can be used as a cross shoe for both running and a casual wear, and can go perfectly with a pair of jeans, trousers, skirts and dress. Trust me, if you can try getting yourself a pair in case you’ve not, you would come back to thank me for guiding you to the perfect and best sneaker just for you.

puma Shoe Review- Latest sneaker shoes

It was back in 1924 Rudolf and his younger brother Adolf Avon whilhelm Dassler founded the shoe factory in Herzogenaurach, Germany. The brothers started the company in their mother laundry, and during this time electricity supplies in the town was very low, so sometimes they have to used pedal power from a stationary bicycle to generate electricity to power the company and make the business functional. However, in 1948, after increasingly view and opinion on how to run the business, the brothers split the business and Adolf started his own company using a name he formed from his nickname—Adi—and the first three letters of his last name—Das—to establish adidas. Rudolf created a new firm that he called “Ruda”, from “Ru” in Rudolf and “Da” in Dassler. A few months later, Rudolf’s company changed its name to PUMA Schuhfabrik Rudolf Dassler in 1948.

The companies’ rivalry exist to this day. But for the purpose of this review I would be focusing on the Rudolf firm ” puma”. We’ll be looking at the brief history of the brand, plethora features embedded in the puma shoes, the benefit and importance of this amazing Shoes. At the end of this review, I believe you will be convince stepping up your sneaker game and step into style and comfort with the puma brand.

Puma SE, branded as Puma, is a German multinational company that designs and manufactures athletic and casual footwear, apparel and accessories, which is headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany. PUMA is the third largest sportswear manufacturer in the world, founded by Rudolf Dassler in 1948. Its offers products for Basketball, Football soccer, Running, Training and Fitness, Golf, Motorsports and Sportstyle. PUMA becomes the first sports shoe manufacturer to use the technologically advanced vulcanization production technique, whereby the sole and the shaft of the boot are bonded.



Puma logo

Puma’s earliest logo consisted of a square and beast jumping through a D, which was registered, along with the company’s name, in 1948. The logo after many years and evolution of the brand, was change to jumping cat. Today one of the most famous trademarks worldwide, was crafted and created by Lutz Backes, a cartoonist from Nuremberg, and it signified speed, strength,suppleness, agility and endurance.



•Lightweight and breathable upper
•Durable rubber Outsole
•Great shock-absorption


•Only low rise upper
•Runs longer and wider


General futures

With advancement in technology in the footwear industry, puma has done so amazingly well by embedding plethora features into the sneakers which contribute Evenly to the maximum support, superior cushioning and durability of the shoes. These futures include the Outsole, midsole and the upper which contribute not only to the support but also give the foot a snug and cozy feeling. Puma sneakers have variety of styles, these include the lacing system and the awesome designs.



The Outsole of these shoes made from rubber works wonders. Knowing strongly how rubber materials are very essential in shoes, the rubber Outsole offer a great deal of grip and plenty of traction that allow these sneakers to be won not only on all kinds of terrain but to all types of weather conditions. The traction benefit are high, given the fact that the bottom of the Outsole has the necessary ridges that allow you to have firm grip and stability while walking through slippery and chalky terrain. They provide optimal protection against dangerous elements on the ground that can cause injury to the leg.



Ah! The midsole of these sneakers is awesome as the Outsole. Its provide lots of support and cushioning to the foot. It features a softfoam and sock liner which contribute enormously to the comfort and stability. The midsole provides an amazing wiggle room for flexibility and comfortability for the foot and blister-free after a long day adventures. Additionally, the midsole has an excellent shock-absorption, as it absorb the shock of impact, while gently cushioning at each footfall, that transform it into energy that the wearer can use to propel themselves into their next step with ease. The midsole provide users with responsive, springy and effortless ride at every footfall and kept them on track.



Profoundly amazing upper made from a combination of soft mesh and synthetic leather overlays with perforations for maximum breathability, comfortability and support. The perforated space on the upper part of the sneakers allow free airflow for ventilation keeping the feet cool and dry. So wearers don’t need to bother about their feet would smell after a long day run or workout. Puma include a traditional lacing system that help to provide support and maximum traction on all terrain, and also prevent the shoe from falling off on the go. Note also that, the lace has same color as the upper part for example if the upper part is white or Ash in color so is the lace on the sneakers.


The puma sneakers has variety of styles and designed that distinguish them from other sneakers. Also, they have varieties of colorways from an off-white to a rose which make them very attractive, and can go well with a pair of Jeans and trouser, as well as skirts and dresses making them versatile. It’s the wish of everyone user that while putting on your sneaker that everyone on the street should admire you look. Puma combined style and functionality to this great sneakers which can be used as casual wear or used for running and work to provide maximum support and comfortability to wearers.


Materials and Durability property

Puma sneaker shoes are made from materials that contribute largely to their functionality and durability. The upper part of the sneakers are made from a combination of soft mesh and synthetic overlay which contribute to the breathability of this shoe that enable feet to stay cool and dry after a long day work. The softfoam and the sock liner in the midsole help wick away any excess moisture from the foot chamber, for a healthy in-foot environment. In addition, the outsole are made from rubber which offer great grip that prevent wearers from slippering off and provide enough traction on all kinds of terrain. They also help to protect the feet from all kind of dangerous environmental elements that can cause injury to the foot. All these futures and materials contribute enormously and Evenly to the durability of the sneakers.


Cost and value

With a price coming in at the lower end of this great sneaker, the puma sneaker feature allots of amazing and astonishing styles and designed for the money. These sneakers ensure your feet stay fit and comfy, allowing airflow for awesome ventilation that keep your feet dry and cool. Also, these sneakers will also last you an exceptional amount of time because of their great durability. This makes the cost of these seems even less.

Bottom line

First off, the support, comfort and durability offered by these sneakers worth the price tag, so if you are in the market for a pair of cross training shoe and casual shoe, the puma sneaker is just for you. These puma sneakers are designed to give you optimal support and amazing cushioning to keep you safe and comfortable while you are on the go. Whether you are looking for a pair of training shoe for gym section, to run on the track, or to simply wear to work these sneakers are going to be the perfect fit for you. They might not be the best looking but they make up for what they lack by the superior level of comfort and versatility. They’re snug, firm and durable, flexibility is awesome. You’ll never be sorry for purchasing them and they’ll definitely become one of your strongest assets in your shoes closet.

Adidas shoe review-latest fashion shoes

Adidas was founded by Adolf “Adi” Dassler who made sports shoes in his mother’s scullery or laundry room in Herzogenaurach, Germany after his return from World War I. In July 1924, his older brother Rudolf joined the business, which was renamed Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory. Adidas is a popular urban myth that the name is an acronym for All Day I Dream About Sports, that phrase is a “backronym”; the name is a portmanteau formed from “Adi” (a nickname for Adolf) and “Das” (from “Dassler”). Dassler assisted in the development of spiked running shoes (spikes) for multiple athletic events. To enhance the quality of spiked athletic footwear, he transitioned from a previous model of heavy metal spikes to utilizing canvas and rubber.

Adolf Dassler and Rudolf

Adidas become a multinational corporation in 1949, founded and headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany, that designs and manufactures shoes, clothing and accessories. It is the largest sportwears manufacturer in Europe, and the second largest in the world, after Nike. It is the holding company for the Adidas Group, which consists of the Reebok sportswear company, Taylormade golf company (including Ashworth), Runtastic, an Austrian fitness technology company and 8.33% of German football club Bayern Munich Adidas’ revenue for 2016 was listed at €19.29 billion.

One of the main focuses of Adidas has always been football kits, and the associated equipment. Adidas remains a major company in the global supply of team kits for international association football teams and clubs. Adidas football boot is one of my best and favorite boot ever. These shoes are very light weight in nature, given the foot a proper balance and traction on the pitch of play. They’ve play a major role in the history of football creating a strong bond relationship with many athletes. With advancement in technology and high demand for sneakers adidas shift from just production of football kit to fashion sneakers that can be used as casual wears and also for social outing.

. Interesting fact about adidas technology

Adidas 3-stripes logo

In 1952, following the 1952 summer Olympics, Adidas acquired its signature 3-stripe logo from the Finnish athletic footwear brand Karhu Sports, for two bottles of whiskey and the equivalent of 1600 euros. Karhu means beer in Finnish. Adidas’ logo is three stripes, which now is used on the company’s clothing and shoe designs as a marketing aid. The branding, which Adidas bought in 1952 from Finnish sports company Karhu Sports, became so successful that Dassler described Adidas as “The three stripes company”. The brand name is uncapitalized and is stylized with a lower case “a”.

The trefoil logo formally seeing in many adidas shoes, cloths and accessories included the three stripes, its three-leaf shape is meant to represent the main landmasses of the Americas, Europe and Africa, and Asia respectively. Where, the intersecting lines across the three forms signify diversity. Also, the mountain three stripes logo comes directly from the trefoil three stripes logo, which represent the challenges and huddles athletes face on track and pitch of play. This logo has helped adidas transcend sporting arenas and has help catapult many athletes to tremendous glories.


Various brand of Adidas shoe

Back in the 90s adidas divided the brand into three different sections each brand focusing on a particular style of production which includes: adidas performance, adidas originals and style essentials.

  • Adidas performance: this brand focused on athletes, they’ve done so much in the production of Athletics shoes. They produced shoe that provide support and stability to athletes on the pitch of play.
  • adidas originals: they focused on the retro designs of the past decade. This brand still maintain adidas originals designed having fantastic features that provide maximum support and stability to users’ irrespective of terrain and help to protect your feet from dangerous elements on the ground.
  • Style essentials: this brand is focused or dealt with the huge fashion market. They produced different styles of fashion shoes customers can used for social outing and festival, which will help keep your feet cool and dry throughout your festival adventures.

General features

The adidas shoes have plethora features embedded and incorporate in them, that give users’ maximum satisfaction. These features include the outsole, midsole and upper which all contributed profoundly to the users’ satisfaction. All these features are embedded to provide support, comfort, flexibility, stability and so on to the feet.


These shoes will provide you with a maximum amount of protection and superior durability when you are out and about. The outsole are made from durable and lasting materials that provide ultimate protection against dangerous elements on the ground and terrain. Amazingly, the outsole is designed in such away that it gives you maximum traction and support. The outsole are made mostly from rubber, which contribute enormously to the lightweight of the shoes making it a “second skin” and very important to wearer for their everyday activities.


Another great feature of these shoes is the midsole which provides responsive ride to users’. They provide maximum cushioning irrespective of the terrain at every footfall. The boost technology used in the midsole of “ultra boost 19” give your legs a real bust and return of the energy you’ve expended while working. This boost technology in the midsole is one of the sneakers biggest pride and joy, it contributes so much to the comfortability and stability of the feet.


Ah, the upper. The upper part of the shoes is one feature that get and catch the attention of many customers. They have varieties of features ranging from the different designs on them to the different colors which can be very catching and attractive. The upper part of these shoes contribute tremendously to the support provided by the whole shoe which is one most important reason for shoes. Breathability is another great features when looking at the upper part of these shoes, they are made from very breathable materials which allow free flow of air that help to keep the feet cool and dry. So one don’t need to be bothered of his or her fit get suck with sweat after a long run, the upper allow flow of enough air that will evaporate sweat making your feet feel cool.


•Lightweight and flexible construction

•Bounce midsole

•Mesh and synthetic upper


•Fit to size

•Variety in colors

•Cloudfoam memory suckliner


•Narrow in the toe area

•Runs big

•Complaints in the sizing of the sneakers

Materials and durability property

One most important thing that’s always in the mind of customers when going out to get a pair of shoe is how long can this shoe last, cause you do not want to put a large chunk of your hard-earned money to secure a pair of shoes and watch it falls apart just few days after purchasing. Adidas sneakers are made from durable and lasting materials that can serve you for a very long period, though that still depends on how often you used the shoes and what purpose. It is expected that if you are using them for a long run on asphalt they might not last long as if when you are using them for a casual indoor workout. Regardless, of what you use this pairs of shoes for, their promising and lasting property is unquntifiable, this have been attested by many users’ and I’m one of them. Their lasting property is everlasting.

. Adidas collection

Cost and value

Users find that they have excellent value for money especially, considering the fact that they have durable and lasting quality. No customer would be happy after putting a large chunk of his or her hard-earned money and to realize the shoe could not serve it purposes for a long time. Although priced at the higher end of adidas shoes collection, the quality of the shoe, the matchless varieties and everlasting durable quality make them the best top choice for user. So I’ll suggest you try them out if you haven’t and even if you have you can still try another awesome designed.

Bottom line

If you are looking for a decent fashion pair of running or fitness shoes that are perfect for Cross- training then I suggest you try the adidas sneakers. They have an amazing comfortable sole, but the thick and bouncy underfoot cushioning give your legs awesome responsive ride With decent amount of energy return, while running or walking. They provide maximum support and stability, and also wiggle room for the fit. They are made from durable materials that can serve you for a long period. They provide excellent value for money considering how long they last, offering great content and value for the price.

Latest fashion shoe-Step up your fashion with Nike



Nike, was originally known as the Blue Ribbon Sport (RBS), founded by University of Oregon track athletes Phil Knight and his coach, Bill Bowerman, on January 25, 1966. And officially became Nike, Inc. on May 30, 1971. Nike was named after a Greek goddess “Nike”, which was known to be a goddess of strength, speed and victory. Nike is seen with wings in most statues and paintings, with one of the most famous being the Winged Victory of Samothrace.

Nike logo: the Nike swoosh, is one of the most recognized logo in the world and image so iconic. It was designed by graphic designer Carolyn Davidson in 1971. Her invoice total for this important piece of design history was $35. Davidson came up with the Nike Swoosh, a check mark shape that is fluid and indicates movement and speed. The image also resembles a wing and hinted at the brand name, Nike, named after the Greek goddess of victory.


With advancement in science and technology Nike kept launching new editions of their landmark training shoes and fashion shoes. They developed Nike Shox in 2000 which was very well-received worldwide and has developed an idea of Nike+ in 2003 in partnership with apple.The Nike+iPod Sports Kit is an activity tracker device, developed by Nike, Inc., which measures and records the distance and pace of a walk or run. The Nike+iPod consists of a small transmitter device attached to or embedded in a shoe, which communicates with either the Nike+ Sportband, a receiver plugged into an iPod Nano, or directly with a 2nd Generation iPod Touch (or higher), iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, or a Nike+ Sportwatch. If using the iPod or the iPhone, iTunes software can be used to view the walk or run history.

Features and benefits of Nike shoes

  • Flexibility: The pair of Nike shoes make a perfect flexibility which is required in any sports shoes that allow and enable maximum performance.
  • Support: They provide optimum and excellent support. The Nike shoes comes with a herringbone pattern and a solid rubber, which adds to the comfort and support of users.
  • Light weight: one most important feature required in sport shoes is lightweight, enabling the sport person get to the final line with ease. So, despite the comfort and flexibility, they are very light in nature and very durable allowing the user reap the benefit of it lasting nature.
  • Prevent foot injuries: One of the important purpose of shoe is ability to protect and prevent injuries from the hazardous environment. Nike shoe gain popularity and attention in sport due to it ability to protect feet during sport participation.
  • Cushioning/pressure absorbing: They are designed in such a way to provide cushioning e.g air Max, has a premium leather on the top side of the design and air sole unit which provides enough cushioning and shock absorption.

Fashion Nike shoes.

With advancement in technology Nike inc. shift from just sport shoes to fashion shoes which are used by both men and women for social outing, gathering and as a show off of one background and status in the society. The Nike brand, with its distinct V-shaped has become a modern urban fashion for supper star artist, models, and performing artist.


The legendary path of Nike in sport

Nike sells an assortment of products, including shoes and apparel for sports activities like association football, basketball, running, combat sports, tennis, American football, athletics, golf, and cross training for men, women, and children. Nike also sells shoes for outdoor activities such as tennis, golf, skateboarding, association football, baseball, American football, cycling, volleyball, wrestling, cheer leading, aquatic activities, auto racing, and other athletic and recreational uses.

The Nike Inc. shared a strong bond relationship with famous athletes such as Michael Jordan the greatest basketball player of all time that enable the popularity of the brand both locally, globally and internationally. Christiano Ronaldo one of the highest-paid endorsers in sports history, in November 2016 became the third person (after basketball superstars Michael Jordan and LeBron James) to earn a “lifetime” contract from the sportswear company Nike.


Also, despite a series of potentially career-ending injuries and setbacks, Williams amassed more Grand Slam titles than any active player in the game with 34…and counting. Known for her style and self-expression on the court, as well as her strong training ethic, Williams claimed a leading role in Nike’s ATHLETE campaign in 2007, and in Delicious Training in 2011. Serena was also one of the first athletes to be featured in the Nike+ Training Club app when it re-launched in 2013.

Various brand of Nike shoes products

  • Air Jordan is a brand of basketball shoes produced by Nike. It was created for former professional basketball player Michael Jordan. The original Air Jordan sneakers were produced exclusively for Jordan in early 1984, and released to the public in late 1984. The shoes were designed by Peter Moore and Bruce Kilgore.
  • Air Force is another brand of Nike athletes shoe designed by Bruce Kilgore and was the first basketball ball shoe to use the Nike air technology. These include air Force 1, air Force 2, air Force 3, air Force STS, air Force 5, air Force XXV and air Force 09.
  • Nike Blazer is a basketball sneaker first made in 1973 by Nike and first worn by George “The Iceman” Gervin. However, it is no longer marketed as a basketball sneaker, it is now considered a retro/casual sneaker.
  • Nike air Max is another line of shoe originally designed and produce by Tinkey Hatfield and released by Nike, Inc. in 1987.

Bowerman and Knight made it easier

Nike’s footwear ideal has evolved, but Bowerman’s preoccupation with creating products that enable athletes to perform at their highest potential continues to fuel Nike’s culture of innovation. Contemporary examples can be found in footwear technologies such as the Nike Free articulated outsoled and the impressive woven-in support of Nike Flyknit upper.

The journey of Nike inc. come a long way with just an Idea of Bowerman and Knight enabling the human race enjoy a premium and excellent designed of shoes. As long as shoes are concerned, Nike has one of the best products one can ever think of, having a range of features from flexibility, cushioning, protection, lightweight and performance enhancement. So far, so good, Nike has cover over 60% of the U. S market, having the leading shoe sales per year.

If you do have any question, comment or suggestions do not hesitate to leave them behind for I will be very glad to help you out.


Best regards!

FILA Shoe Review-New fashion shoes

Firstly, I would like to answer a question that’s pop up in the mind of many persons and myself as well. The first time I saw the name FILA the first thing that came to my mind was what does Fila mean or stands for and I believe you had same question as well. So FILA stands for, Forever I Love Atlanta (song) FILA. Fédération Internationale des Luttes Associées. it’s an accronym that referred to different things. The FILA footwear review is basically on products’ not acronyms.

Fila was designed and created in Biella, Piedmont by Giansevero fila in 1911, it was initially making clothing and now manufacturing sport wears of different designs and styles for both men and women, children and athletes. The company’s initial products’ were underwears, before changing to sport wears in 1970, with the endorsement of a tennis player Bjorn Borg, a Swedish formal No.1 tennis player, known to be the greatest player of the sport, enabling the brand “fila” to gain a global recognition.

Giansevero fila, at any point in time never thought of his vision going globally, but continual evulation of innovations and creativity that lies at the heart of successful designers, Pier Luigi Rolando, the artist behind the most iconic designs and Alessandro Galliano, the superbly knowledgeable engineering director made it possible. These two icon shared a common goal and mindset to make sport wears that will not only be convenient but also, to serve as a second skin to the users to ease locomotion and balance.

Fila products’ are now everywhere and I mean ” everywhere” both globally, internationally and locally, love and worn by many individuals. They are not only used as sport wears but as fashion wears. Truth must be told, I never used them for sport but for fashion ” fashion to me is a lifestyle and a hobby” which I find the product especially the shoe awesome and nice. They don’t only augment my look but boost my confidence, that’s to tell you how far the products’ had gone in the mind of people. I got my first Fila shoe in 2015 which I used for several years which I later gave out to a younger friend and I believe he’s still much using it. The products’ durability and lasting quality are everlasting.


Prominent athletes that used Fila’s products’

Fila has enjoyed a special and profound relationship with remarkable athletes, pioneers mark as much by indomitable passion as incomparable performance. Beginning with our debut on the courts with tennis greats, Andriano ponatta, Paolo Bertolucci and the incomparable Bjorn Borg, the greatest Swedish tennis player of all time, that lead to the global recognition of the Fila’s products’.

Fila has had the fortune of helping extraordinary individuals accomplish some of history’s most iconic sports achievements. They followed Borg as he ascended to the pinnacle of sports history, the F-Box logo proudly displayed on his signature polo and headband, winning five consecutive victories at Wimbledon and firmly establishing his legacy as tennis’ most dominant and unique player, both in terms of technique and style. In 1986, when Reinhold Messner reached the treacherous summit of Everest, fueled by the spirit of adventure and the determination to be the first to scale the titan without the aid of additional oxygen, he wore high-tech mountain gear designed by Fila.


Celebrities fans of the Fila Disruptor 2

Top superstar musicians are not only using the fila products’ but also are in love with the brand, ranging from the shoe (disruptor 2) the headband, the awesome shirt in form of polo and to mention a few. Musicians such as Migos, Drake ( the Canadian world best rapper), OBO Davido (Nigeria richest Singer), Wizkid (Nigeria most talented Afro beat Singer) have used fila products’ during their stage performance and social outings. I could remember checking the internet and I saw a picture of Emily Rataskowski wearing kith X coca cola top with demin shorts and Fila disruptor 2 in NYC on Augustine 14. Also, Alessia Cara; the singer flaunting the fila disruptor 2 on a British talk show, Charlie XCX performing in camo look and the Fila disruptor 2.


Durability and lasting quality

Our choice of shoes depends on the purpose in which the shoe is designed, but most importantly, we choose shoes that fit the size of our legs, that are very convenient and how long they can last. We all go for quality product that can serve us for a long period. The first thing we noticed when we look at this shoe, disrupter se, is how dense the upper part is; it literally has overlaid upon overlay in place to provide the wearer with what they need in terms of convenience and protection from hazardous conditions. Also, the sole unit of this model, disrupter se, is incredibly slip-resistant that will definitely keep one from falling off. So far so good, I’ve used fila products’ and I’ve not for any reason regrets using these products’. They are made from durable materials. So, I suggest you check it out.


Cost and value

As is the nature of fila shoe, disrupter se will definitely make for a cost-effective purchasing option. It has all the features that every shoe require and is available at a price that makes it an incredibly viable option for footwear. Things such as the shoe inherent ability to provide the wearer with incredible level of protection and to last despite being used for several years and at work allow the shoe to give value to the wearer’s feet.

Why you should try it out

Looking at how far this brand “fila” has gone, ascending with Bjorn Borg to pinnacle of sport history. The slip-resistant sole unit and the upper overlaid upon overlay that is build to provide convenience and ensure that the wearers has protection from the dangers of their work environment, is an incredible reason why I feel you should try it out. I’ve used it and am still using it, it’s an awesome brand I will forever use. So don’t miss out.

If you do have any questions, comment or suggestions, feel free to leave them here ,for I will be very glad to help you out.


Best regards!

History of shoe and evolution

The design of shoes has varied profoundly through time, from culture to culture with appearance being tied to function. Additionally, fashion has often dictated many designs elements, such as whether shoe have very high heel or flat ones.

Shoe is a type of footwear intended to protect and comfort the human foot from injuries. Shoes varies widely in style, complexity and cost depending on who they are meant for either men or women, babies or adults. It is thought that shoes may have been used long before this, but because the materials used were highly perishable, it is difficult to find evidence of the earliest footwear. The earliest shoes are sagebrush bark sandals dating approximately 7000 to 8000 BC, found in the fort rock cave in the USA state of Oregon in 1938. These earliest designs were very simple in often design mere foot bags of leather to protect the feet from rocks, debris, cold and dangerous living organisms such as snakes and scorpions found on the ground. They were commonly found in colder climates.


As technology and civilization began to develop, thong sandals ( the precursor of the modern flip-flop) were worn and were made from variety of materials. As an integral part of human culture and civilization, shoes have found their way into our culture, folklore and art. A popular 18th century nursery rhyme is “there was an old woman who live in a shoe” which I believe was read by many. This story tells about an old woman living in a shoe. Shoes, also play and important role in the fairy tales Cinderella and the red shoes. In a movie adaption of the children’s book the wonderful wizard of Oz.

Technology and fashion

As technology keep advancing so our fashion lifestyle keep improving. High fashion shoes are made from expensive materials, used complex constructions and are designed for specific purpose such as boots designed specifically for footballers, basketballers, mountaineering, and so on. New designs and ideas keep coming which help to improve life quality and enable one participate in a society, social gathering, occasions and outings.

Different shoes designed for different Purposes

are designed to serves different purposes and these include:A

  1. Athletics shoes: these kinds of shoes are designed specifically for various sports. Considering the friction between the foot and the ground is an important force in most sport, so the modern athletic shoes are designed to minimize this force, to provide proper balancing. Many athletic shoes are designed with specific features to specific activities e.g
  • roller skates: which have metal or plastic wheels on the bottom specific for the sport of roller skating.
  • Ice skates: have a metal blade attached to the bottom for locomotion across ice.
  • Cycling shoes: are designed with rubber soles and a metal or plastic cleat to interface with clip fewer pedals, as well as a stiff sole to maximize power transfer and support the foot.
  • Climbing shoes: these are rubber soles tight-fitting shoes designed to fit in the small cracks and crevices for rock climbing.
  • Also, shoes designed specifically to the sport of basketball are double- layer canvas shoe with rubber soles and toes caps, and a high heel( known as high top) for added support and balance.

2. Dance shoe: for something activities such as dancing or bowling, sliding is desired so shoes designed for these activities often have lower coefficient of friction.

3. Dress shoes: they are designed purposely to compliment the person’s look. They are mostly used for co-operate dresses, by people working in an office, used at worship place and other organizations. And they are also used during spacial occasions such as wedding ceremony and so on. They are characterized by smooth and simple leather uppers, leather soles, and narrow sleeks figure. The upper part of dress shoes are often made without aperture or openings, but may also be made with opening openings or even itself Consist a series of traps.



Fashion shoes designed for men

Men’s shoes are categorized by how they are close, they are designed in such as way that they fit perfectly and also indicate one status and wealth.

  • Derby shoes: these types of shoes, the laces are tied to two pieces of leather independently attached to the vamp; also known as open lacing and is a step down in dressing. If the lace are not independently attached to the vamp, the shoe is known as a Blucher shoe.
  • Balm orals: the vamp has a v-shaped slit to which the laces are attached; also known as closed lacing.
  • Monk-straps: they make used of buckle and strap instead of lacing.
  • Siphons: they do not have lacing or fastenings.
  • Plains- toes: they have a sleek appearance and no extra decorations on the vamp.
  • Cap-toes: they have an extra layer of leather that caps the toe.
  • Brogues: the toes of the shoe is covered with a perforated panel, the wing-tip, which extends down either side of the shoe.

Fashion shoes designed for women

Living in a world where the population of women is 2 times of the men, there is a large variety of shoes available for women. Some categories are;

  • mules: these are shoes or slippers with no fitting around the heel.
  • Court shoes: also known as pump, they are typically high-heeld, slip-on dress shoes.
  • High-heeld shoes: these are footwear that raises the heels, typically 2inches. Or more above the toes, commonly worn by women for formal or social occasions and outings.
  • Sling backs: are secured by a trap behind the heel, rather than over the top of the foot.
  • Ballet flats: are shoes with very low heel and a relatively short vamp, exposing much of the instep. They are popularly used for warm-weather and may be seen as more comfortable than shoes with higher heel.


Designed shoe for both men and women (unisex)

Some designs of dress shoes can be worn by either gender, this includes;

  • sandals: these types of shoes are used virtually by everybody, they are open shoes consisting of a sole and various straps, leaving much of the foot exposed to air. They are popular for warm weather because they let the foot be cooler than a Close-toed shoe would.
  • Boat shoes : also known as deck shoes similar to a loafer, but more casual.
  • Plat form shoes : shoes with very thick soles and heels
  • slippers: For indoors use, commonly worn with house dress.

Looking good is very prominent in our society today and I believe our appearance on daily basis matters a lot, the type of shoes we put on signify and tell more about us, it’s shows our status.

I hope you learned something from my content. If you do have any question, comment and suggestion I will be very glad to hear from you soon. Thanks

Footwears-why footwear is important and necessary

From physical improvement to being able to participate in a society, foot wears improve quality of life, prevent injury, help with healing for those with chronic foot conditions, offer support for adequate arches or excess pronation, express one’s self, enable a person to work in hazardous condition, or even help land that coveted job.

Diabetics can also be susceptible to foot infections in the form of ulcers and can lead to amputation. It is necessary and important to have proper foot wears to minimize diabetic foot infections and to provide support to feet for comfort and proper healing.

Foot wears refers to garments worn on the feet, which originally serves purpose of protection against adversities of the ground textures and temperature. In manner of shoe, it primarily serves the purpose to ease locomotion and prevent injuries. Also, they are used for fashion and adornment as well as to indicate the status or rank of the person within a social structure.

Why do we used footwear

Many individual used foot wears for many reasons either as a representative of social status or an extension of one’s self, as the case may be, and these are as follows;

  • For fashion: most foot wears are used for informal occasions and social outing to make them look attractive.
  • For sport: they are mostly used in sport to ease locomotion proper balancing and to protect feet in specific ways.
  • For dancing: foot wears in form of shoes are designed in such a way that dancers can stand on the tips of their toes.
  • For working: these types of foot wears are designed for people who work in construction or factory jobs. They help to protect the person’s foot from Sharon object or dangerous chemicals.

Types of foot wears

  • Shoes: these are types of foot wears that protect the foot and the soles of the feet.
  • Sandals: this type consist of a covering for the sole of the feet and traps or ties which hold the sandals onto the foots.
  • Boot: they protect the foot and the ankle
  • Socks: are an article of clothing for the foot, ankle and calf. They absorb perspiration ( sweat) from the feet.

Important of footwear

  • Protection from germs: foot wears such as shoes protect individuals from bacteria and fungi infection. These infections can lead to swelling, itchiness and redness, which will totally make you uncomfortable and painful.
  • Free from injury: another benefit is that they keep feet safe from injuries. It’s in the nature of human to involve in one activity to another. As we walk through many paths there is every tendency that broken glasses and sharp objects thrown by people can get you injured when walking bare-footed .
  • Better grip: they provide high resistance between the foot and the ground which enable better grip. E.g if you are hiking, wearing shoes can helps you grab onto rock and terrain much easier and if you are walking on ice, it helps you walk easily without slipping off.
  • Pasture correction and improvement: when you wear the right shoes, such as pair of athletic orthotics, can help your pasture out in wonderful ways, such as aligning your feet, ankles, knees, hips and back which help reduce any pain you may have and can correct many issues.
  • They provide cushioning, support and comfort for foot conditions: wears such as socks help to absorb preparation ( sweat) from the foot. Also, athletic orthotics have the right amount of cushion and support that people need daily and can be made to fit a person’s condition, giving an individual the best treatments.

Choose the right shoe

You walk on your feet every day, forcing them to support the weight of your body. Repeated stress on your feet can cause damage over time. The right shoes can help protect your feet. The wrong shoes can cause more foot problems. Read the information below to helps you find a shoe that fits your foot needs.

What’s Your Foot Shape?

To get a good fit, you need to know the shape of your foot. Do this simple test: While standing, place your foot on a piece of paper and trace around it. Is your foot straight or curved? Do you have a foot problem, such as a bunion, that causes your foot outline to show a bulge on the side of your big toe?

Finding Your Fit

Bring your foot outline to the shore store to helps you find the right shoe. Place a shoe you like on top of the outline to see if it matches the shape. The shoe should cover the outline. (If you have a bunion, the shoe may not cover the bulge on the outline. Look for soft leather shoes to stretch over the bunion.) Once you’ve found a pair of proper shoes, put them on. Walk around. Be sure the shoes don’t rub or pinch. If the shoes feel good, you’ve found your fit!

The Right Shoe for You

A good shoe has features that provide comfort and support. It must also be the right size and shape for your feet. Look for a shoe made of breathable fabric and lining, such as leather or canvas. Be sure that shoes have enough tread to prevent slipping. Go to a good shoe store for help to find the right shoe.

Good Shoe Features

An ideal shoe has the following:

  • Laces for support. If tying laces is a problem for you, try shoes with Velcro fasteners or buckles.
  • A front of the shoe (toe box) with ? inch space in front of your longest toes.
  • An arch shape that supports your foot.
  • No more than 1? inches of heel.
  • A stiff, snug back of the shoe to keep your foot from sliding around.
  • A smooth lining with no rough seams

Suggested foot wears

The foot wears you used should have features that provide comfort and support. Also, one need to know the shape of his or her feet and what size fit you. I will also suggest you ask your healthcare provider what kind of footwear you need. He or she may recommend a certain brand or shoe store