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what’s your best dance shoe? Are you a dancer looking for a shoe for your dancing rehearsals and stage performance, we’ve got you covered with this awesome review. Dance as a performing art consisting of purposefully selected sequences human movement. These movements can either be aerobics or anaerobic, which put a tremendous amount of pressure and strain on legs, feet, neck, hips and ankle, which can cause blister and pains to the legs and feet. Wearing the best dance shoe specifically designed for a particular style of dance help to ease movement and reduced pressure on the feet to make you have a good dancing experience. Good dancing shoes enhance efficiency and more skills to your dancing steps that give more room to new styles and flexibility. Additionally, wearing the right dancing shoe also help to support your arch by given it a responsive ride and as well give superior cushioning at every step.

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Our choice of dance shoes varies widely depending on the kind and style of dance we are into, for example the ballet dance require the use of pointe shoes ( ballet shoe) which enable dancer to stand on their toes, slide and move freely with ease into their next step, it’s an excellent teaching tool for all dancers as it is a complex mixture of technique, coordination and musicality. The Tap dance is best described as “musical feet”. Tap is a form of dance where dancers use their feet as percussive instruments. They wear shoes specially designed with metal plates on the toe and heel. These are called taps, labeling the shoes as Tap shoes. Also, Jazz dance is the most popular style of dance among dancers. Jazz embodies many aspects of dance. It has been influenced by ballet, modern, tap, hip-hop, African dance and many more styles. Jazz shoes are worn for this style and are typically a leather split sole allowing the dancers foot more freedom to bend and move. Due to the upbeat music, power packed moves and limitless style, it isn’t hard to see why this is the most popular dance style!

Making the right decision for your best dance shoe is a huge step to excellent practice and performance experience, so you are at the right junction where you would be guided and directed to where you can get the best fit to size dance shoe made just for your.

Ariat Heritage Western R Toe

Ariat Heritage Western R Toe

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•moisture-wicking footbed 
•ATS® technology 
•Gel cushioned footbed 
•Heel stabilizers 
•Ergonomic Design


•High price 
•Break-in period

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Ariat Heritage Western R Toe

Country western or line dancing just isn’t the same without a good pair of cowboy boots. But not just any boots will do! Ariat’s heritage western is as comfy and cozy as it is stylish, thanks to their ATS® MAX™ technology. They are designed with added shock-absorbing elements and a moisture-wicking footbed, these boots are perfect for long hour of western line dancing. Additionally, the advance Torque stability (ATS®) technology add extra cushioning and support while on the go and reduced overall fatigue. They feature a moisture-wicking footbed that help to keep feet dry and cool after a long day, and as well reduced chances of sweat and odor. Its perfect for dancer

Bloch Dansoft ballet

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Bloch Dansoft ballet

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•Leather upper 
•Suede outsole 
•Cotton Lining 
•Elastic Drawstring


•Size run big 
• Not too comfortable

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Bloch Dansoft ballet

Just as the name implies, Bloch Dansoft ballet, are use for ballet dance. They are made with cotton lining, to give your feet a comfy feeling of softness all day long, and also the cotton help to absorb sweat to keep feet cool and dry at the end of dancing rehearsals and performance, without odor. Leather upper help to maintain the shoe integrity and as well enhance it stability and durability that enable the shoe to last long and serve it purpose. They are very flexible that enable to reap the benefits of all those hard-worked hours.

Grip and slip are both needed for the ballet shoe. The suede outsole provide the optimal mix-and-match protocol, that enable you slide into your next step or stop when it is necessary. Your feet are heavily worked while with the ballet shoe, so any little comfort you gain from the cotton is a necessity and Paramount. 

The price associated with this shoe is awesome budget-frindly. Moreover, these shoes are made lightweight with every possible and available comfort factor on board. As such, these best dance shoes are worthy of purchase. 

Capezio Daisy Ballet

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Capezio Daisy Ballet

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•Upper leather 
•Suede outsole 
•ID Tag 
•padded footbed 
•Bar-tacked elastic drawstring


•Size run small

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Capezio Daisy Ballet

wow! Now you can fly through the air as your step into tranquility with a leather upper and suede outsole. The durability of this amazing shoe depend largely on the suede outsole while the breathability is as a result of the upper lather that allow free flow of air for proper ventilation that keep feet cool and dry. Aside the upper and the suede outsole, the shoe feature a minimal footbed that give the feet a responsive ride as you move during dance, and as well offer support to the arch for Comfortability and stability during your long hour of rehearsals and performance. The padding is minimal and that shows that they are lightweight, making them top choice for users.

They are highly flexible with optimal breathable leather upper that help to keep feet cool and dry after long hour of dance without any odor, and as such promote better overall foot health as well. Priced to be budget-frindly, this is a pair of dance shoes ready for the ballet. And also, making this shoe from durable material makes it a great value for money.

Matisse cimmaron coconuts

Matisse cimmaron coconuts

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•Low Heel Height 
•Fabric Lining 
•9″ Shaft 
•Dual Pull-Tabs 
•Contrasting Trim Details


•Narrow Toe

Matisse cimmaron coconuts

Matisse cimmaron has become international favorite for many reasons, ranging from the quality and unique craftsmanship, and the stylish designs. This shoe maintains a long time quality and standard making them an ideal option for western or line dance. They feature an upper leather which contribute enormously to the durability and flexibility of the shoe, also the height Heel at the rare end of the outsole help to give users proper balance that enhance flexibility and styles during dance. A 9-inch shaft and pointed to give these a fleet appearance are sure to be the envy of the dance floor.

These hot cowboy boots are a complete steal! They offer top of the line craftsmanship and superior quality for a price that is completely budget-frindly.

Important criteria use for evaluation


When you are out to the market for a pair of dance shoe lots of factors are to be considered, what kind of shoe do you want, for what purpose are you buying the shoe, what design is your favorite and most importantly right feet size fit, because you can’t buy a dancing shoe that won’t fit your legs and inconvenient you, so to get the right fit shoe you need to know what size of shoe is for your legs, having all these in mind you would have a better decision guide on what is best for you. The shoes are embedded with plethora features that give the feet maximum support it need to ensure enjoyable practice and performance without any pains at the end of long hour dance. So if you are looking for the best size that fit your legs your can check out here….. 

Materials and durability property

How would it feel after putting a large chunk of your hard-earned money to secure a pair of dance shoe after using it for a short time and it all fall apart, trust me you won’t be happy and I won’t be happy either if I was the one. So the materials they used in constructing the shoe is a major criterion we have to look at before buying, so you know if they can last for Long period or not. Comfort and fit are crucial factor you consider in a dance shoe, so the materials use must ensure the shoe are lightweight, flexible and soft. Materials used in constructing these shoes include

Leather: are used in dance shoe because of their breathability that allow enough flow of air that help to keep feet cool and dry after a long hour of practice. Also, they are light in nature and that makes the shoe lightweight and durable.

Rubber: are majorly used for the sole which have a high moisture-resistant property and anti-slip property.

Canvas: this is a sturdy, woven material which is light and airy, making it a perfect upper material for dance shoe.

Suede: When it comes to soft suede it’s an excellent material to be used for sole of a dance shoe, for they give a perfect balance between slipperiness and grips for turns and twirls across the dance floor.


Styles is another good and awesome factor we look at when buying a dance shoe though that depends and varies widely base on individual taste. It’s in our nature that we wear footwear that is catching and attractive to everyone, its makes you feel good and also boost your self esteemed to what so ever your’re doing. So lots of things are put together for style of dance shoes which includes design, color, weight, shape and lines making them amazingly beautiful, because no one want to wear an uncomfortable shoe, and they also don’t want to wear comfortable shoe that is ugly to the eyes, so there must be proper check and balance for nice style best for customers. They are comfortable, true-to-size, supportive and durable.


Dancers spend long hours performing and practicing on hard surface (floor) which exposed feet to risk of foot related injuries. To reduce the injury risk dancers should choose shoe with quality insole that would both absorb shock and as well conform to the shape of their foot. A softer insole give support to all kind of arch, ensuring you enjoyed every moment of your rehearsals and performance on any floor.


Just about any shoe Can be danced in but what sets a good dance shoe apart from the rest is the features it offers, which will aid the dancer in performing their best. Dependent on the style of dance performed, the dancer will require different features from their dancing shoe.

Bottom line

From review and research we understand that different customers have different needs, preferences, styles and experience level of dance, so their choices of dance shoes differs widely, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to guide you in the right direction, you need to make sure your’re getting something made just for you. Now you have full assurance that purchasing any of these pairs of shoes you would never regret putting your hard-earned money on them. They provide you with every satisfaction and support you need during your long hour of practice.

How would it feel if you have put a large chunk of your hard-earned money to secure a pair of dance shoe that served it purpose for long period, I believe you would feel good and happy, the materials used in constructing these shoe got you covered, for they would last you for a long time irrespective of terrain or floor you used for your practice. The style features on these shoes make them top choice for users. You can take a step to get your best dance shoe made just for you! Don’t miss out!…

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8 Replies to “Best dance shoes- best fit to size dance shoe made just for you”

  1. Hello Ayock Daniels 🙂 , 

    This is a great review on the different types of dance shoes. From your review i see that these are quality best to fit dance shoes and i like the fact you covered the criteria on the materials and durability.

    I am not much of a dancer anymore but i would definitely be looking at the Ariat Heritage Western R Toe when i am looking to purchase some new shoes as it looks amazing. Thanks

    1. I’m glad you found the article great and informative. The shoes are truly perfect dance shoes you can always considered if you need a dancing shoe.
      They are made from durable materials that ensure they last for longer period.
      The western or line dance shoe are really cool on the dancing floor and off the dance floor, so it would really be beautiful if you can try them out.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hi

    like your post. I like dancing but I am not a professional dancer. What will you advise me, I do amateur dancing (we don’t really do shows), which shoes will you recommend? I do mostly African dance.

    I do dance without shoes. So when I am in a party I am scare to dance because I know my feet will hurt in high heels or party shoes, so anything you can recommend for a casual dancing party?


    1. I understand your love for dancing, you don’t have to be a professional dancer before you get a pair of the dance shoe for yourself.
      As a dancer from Africa I would suggest you try the jazz dance shoe for it’s perfect for the Africa upbeat kind of music.
      Dancing without shoe can actually cause unpleasant pains and blister to the feet. So do try the jazz dance shoe it would really go along way for you.

      Thanks for your time

  3. Hi, Daniel!
    Dancing is nice. We know that! But, for someone can be a tedious task if not having the proper shoes. Depending on the type of dance, the dance floor, the technical and motoric abilities, diverse dancer choose different dance shoes.
    Every dancer is individual so I am sure they will also choose their dance shoes with special care.

    Having good and proper choice is the “way out of unnecessary pain” while dancing. Improper shoes can cause blisters, uncomfortable dancing experiences and a lot more. It is crucial to have the proper dance shoes, especially if a pro or an advanced dancer that is dancing very often.

    The feet are carrying us and opposed to many forces while walking, running, jumping and dancing as well. Having the right dancing shoes that fits properly will prevent and save many future problems.

    Thanks for sharing your post,
    it can be useful for the dancers and for those who want to become one!

    Best regards,

    1. Igor, you’ve said alot and I’m grateful for your contribution.
      Dance exert tremendous amount of pressure and strain on legs and feet, so when not putting on the right dance shoe, you end up having unnecessary pains and blister on you feet.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and for the insightful contribution, do have a great day ahead.

  4. Hi Ayock, thanks for your review of the  various footwear for dancing. My daughter takes ballet classes. I am surprised the ballet shoes don’t fall apart with all the moves she has to do. Also they don’t feel sturdy. They do have to be changed though once she grows out of them. I like the boots for line dancing. Only done this a couple of times myself but if I was to take this up as a regular pastime they would be something I would consider investing in. Yee Ha!

    1. Hi James, thanks for stopping by. Pointe shoes ( ballet shoes) are made from durable and lasting materials that maintain the shoe intergrity, allowing users(dancers) to enjoy using them for long period. Wow! It’s a beautiful thing to Know your daughter takes ballet classes, I wish her all the best in that journey, do encourage her to practice hard so she will come out to be the best.

      The western or line dance shoe are very awesome and perfect for dancer. They provide dancer with every necessary support and satisfaction they need during their long hours of practice and performance.

      thanks once more for checking out!

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