Best wrist watches for Men : Find a wrist watch that really stands out from the rest

You need this luxury wrist watch to add to that outstanding finishing touch to your outfit. A wrist watch is an essential device used virtually by every human being for many reasons. These reasons could be as a way of fashion to augment an outfit. And most importantly is to help keep track of time during the day or night for daily activities. Time is very precious to us and for that reason it should be spent judiciously. 

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A wrist watch is portable to be won and carry about without causing fatigue to the wrist, rather design to be comfortable to the wearer. It is embedded with a plethora of features which includes: a strap that helps it stay fit and snug on the wrist, a buckle and a buckle tongue for proper adjustment (how tight and loose it should be on the wrist) and comfort, a case that houses the dial and sub-dial and a pusher that is used to reset chronograph timing. It’s of different brand, color, design, style and model, thus option is never a problem. 


I was invited for an interview in an organization I’ve long all my life to work with. I was more than excited . . . It was a dreamed coming to fulfillment. The interview was scheduled for 10am the next day. Considering the proximity from where i reside to the organization, i have to leave home early so i could meet up.

So I was all prepared and set for the interview. On my wrist was a golden and a charitable watch. It goes perfectly well with my outfit. It was to help keep me on time, but unfortunately the time wasn’t correct. To cut the long story short, I missed my appointment. 

Say bye to going late to work, missing important appointment by purchasing yourself a wrist watch today! 

Lige Herren

Lige Herren Men’s watch
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The lige herren is one of the best wrist watch for men because of it unique designed and durability quality. This watch uses a special fluorescent substance that glows in the dark (it needs to absorb enough light before it shines). It has a battery that provide accurate timing and service life of more than 2 years. A thick and comfortable stainless steel silver strap will never fade. The watch has a multi-function design which includes: small dials and buttons work, with support for stopwatches, chronographs, and calendars, this is a perfect gift for your family, friends and yourself. Its waterproof, usually can withstand splash or short-term immersion in water and come with 2 years warranty. 

Alienwork Ik

Alienwork IK mechanical automatic
Best Price : Amazon

It’s well-known for it mechanic movement head designed, which makes it a top choice for many customers. The Alienwork watch with metal bracelet is made of tempered mineral glass for a clear view of the dial and hands that glow in the dark. It movement is automatic without battery. The movement of the wrist is enough to start the mechanism of the watch. It is a luxury addition to any outfit, perfect for a self treat as well as a great gift idea for someone special. 

Forsining Retro classic

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Forsining Retro classic
Best Price: Amazon

Just as the name implies ” Retro classic” it’s indeed classic in design, function and condition. The rich brown finish, complements the solid leather strap and golden shining case. Band are made of high quality leather that give a classic definition of the watch and offer an optimal comfort to the wrist. Looking closely at the skeletal dial design reveals the fashion point of view. It uses battery and comes with manufacturer warranty of 1year. 


civo men’s watch

Are you looking for a more comfortable and fashionable wrist watch that can be won on any outfit and under any condition? The civo is what you need! It’s waterproof and can withstand water splash or short immersion in water. The bracelet is made from high quality and durable leather material that would last for a long period. It uses battery which support the movement. A more sophisticated engine that can serve for more than two years. It comes in various colorways to match every dress you are putting on.


Rolex watch Men
Best Price: Amazon

This wrist watch is crafted with scrupulous attention to details and it is well-known for it impeccable design and timeless elegance. This luxury wrist watch is all you need to add to that outstanding finishing touch of your outfit. It comes in various style, design, color and model, that offers excellent value for money. 

Navy force

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Navy Force Watch Men
Best Price: Amazon

This unique wrist watch has multi-function designs on the dial. A small window that indicate calendar. The pliable strip feature two free loops, with a buckle and buckle tongue for adjustment and snug tight. You won’t regret putting your hard-earned money to secure this wrist watch. It’s affordable and offer excellent value for money. 

Patek Philippe

patek philippe
Best Price: Amazon

Say “Hi” to the world most valuable and complicated wrist watch. It is made from real valuable materials; a stainless case with well-designed lugs holes, a crown which is used for time setting and bracelet attaching portions. The dial has a well define logo mark and calendar window. It’s highly versatile. 


chopard men’s watch
Best Price : Amazon

This brand is well-known for it unique design and style. It has an ash case that features a crown used to reset time and a pusher that function to start, stop and reset chronograph timing. The dial has a nice and an attractive design with 3 sub- dials on it, each indicating a particular function of either second, minutes or hour.


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curren men’s watch
Best Price: Amazon

When you are looking out for an elegant design and unique wrist watch that would complement your outfit for any kind of occasion, the curren definitely won’t disappoint you. It has water resistant property, 30 meter waterproof (Not suitable for swimming, diving, shower etc). Dial is made of high hardness Crystal mirror with Calendar display. It is versatile as it can go perfectly with any kind of dress or outfit. 

Omega SA

Omega SA
Best Price: Amazon

Omega is unique in it simple design. Very portable to used. The dial features an omega logo and window that function to display calendar. 

IWC Shaffhausen

Iwc Shaffhausen
Best Price: Amazon

IWC Shaffhausen, Is cherished and valued by many customers for it impeccable design and quality. The pliable strip is made of quality leather and has a brown color to complement the gold case. It has a multi-function design on the dial which include sub-dial that indicate calendar.

Reef Tiger

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Reef Tiger
Best Price: Amazon

The tiger is a classic dress watch for men that Augment and complement every outfit. It’s of different varieties. Ranging from styles, colorways, design and size. The band offers the wrist every necessary comfort the wearer needs. It has a simple design for simplicity outfit.

Cost and Value

How would it feel that you put your hard-earned cash to secure a wrist watch that gives you in return an excellent value of the money you put in? Trust me! It would be a great feeling. The wrist watches seems expensive but considering their matchless styles, designs and quality, the price seems more cheap.

Bottom line

The choice of what we wear on our body differs due to our different taste and fashion viewpoint. However, these wrist watches are designed to go perfectly well with any kind of outfit and to meet up with any fashion taste. Wearing a wrist watch does not only complement your outfit but also make you look more polite. A quick glance towards your wrist is a much classier way to keep tabs on time during a date or a meeting. Not to mention how rude it would seem to your companions if you pulled out your phone during a conversation.

Wrist watch help wearer stick to time and have a saner schedule. Aside the time, it creates a relationship between the wearer and time knowing that time is limited.

Find a wrist watch that really stands out from the rest. It could be the beginning of a long friendship.