Adidas shoe review-latest fashion shoes

Adidas was founded by Adolf “Adi” Dassler who made sports shoes in his mother’s scullery or laundry room in Herzogenaurach, Germany after his return from World War I. In July 1924, his older brother Rudolf joined the business, which was renamed Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory. Adidas is a popular urban myth that the name is an acronym for All Day I Dream About Sports, that phrase is a “backronym”; the name is a portmanteau formed from “Adi” (a nickname for Adolf) and “Das” (from “Dassler”). Dassler assisted in the development of spiked running shoes (spikes) for multiple athletic events. To enhance the quality of spiked athletic footwear, he transitioned from a previous model of heavy metal spikes to utilizing canvas and rubber.

Adolf Dassler and Rudolf

Adidas become a multinational corporation in 1949, founded and headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany, that designs and manufactures shoes, clothing and accessories. It is the largest sportwears manufacturer in Europe, and the second largest in the world, after Nike. It is the holding company for the Adidas Group, which consists of the Reebok sportswear company, Taylormade golf company (including Ashworth), Runtastic, an Austrian fitness technology company and 8.33% of German football club Bayern Munich Adidas’ revenue for 2016 was listed at €19.29 billion.

One of the main focuses of Adidas has always been football kits, and the associated equipment. Adidas remains a major company in the global supply of team kits for international association football teams and clubs. Adidas football boot is one of my best and favorite boot ever. These shoes are very light weight in nature, given the foot a proper balance and traction on the pitch of play. They’ve play a major role in the history of football creating a strong bond relationship with many athletes. With advancement in technology and high demand for sneakers adidas shift from just production of football kit to fashion sneakers that can be used as casual wears and also for social outing.

. Interesting fact about adidas technology

Adidas 3-stripes logo

In 1952, following the 1952 summer Olympics, Adidas acquired its signature 3-stripe logo from the Finnish athletic footwear brand Karhu Sports, for two bottles of whiskey and the equivalent of 1600 euros. Karhu means beer in Finnish. Adidas’ logo is three stripes, which now is used on the company’s clothing and shoe designs as a marketing aid. The branding, which Adidas bought in 1952 from Finnish sports company Karhu Sports, became so successful that Dassler described Adidas as “The three stripes company”. The brand name is uncapitalized and is stylized with a lower case “a”.

The trefoil logo formally seeing in many adidas shoes, cloths and accessories included the three stripes, its three-leaf shape is meant to represent the main landmasses of the Americas, Europe and Africa, and Asia respectively. Where, the intersecting lines across the three forms signify diversity. Also, the mountain three stripes logo comes directly from the trefoil three stripes logo, which represent the challenges and huddles athletes face on track and pitch of play. This logo has helped adidas transcend sporting arenas and has help catapult many athletes to tremendous glories.


Various brand of Adidas shoe

Back in the 90s adidas divided the brand into three different sections each brand focusing on a particular style of production which includes: adidas performance, adidas originals and style essentials.

  • Adidas performance: this brand focused on athletes, they’ve done so much in the production of Athletics shoes. They produced shoe that provide support and stability to athletes on the pitch of play.
  • adidas originals: they focused on the retro designs of the past decade. This brand still maintain adidas originals designed having fantastic features that provide maximum support and stability to users’ irrespective of terrain and help to protect your feet from dangerous elements on the ground.
  • Style essentials: this brand is focused or dealt with the huge fashion market. They produced different styles of fashion shoes customers can used for social outing and festival, which will help keep your feet cool and dry throughout your festival adventures.

General features

The adidas shoes have plethora features embedded and incorporate in them, that give users’ maximum satisfaction. These features include the outsole, midsole and upper which all contributed profoundly to the users’ satisfaction. All these features are embedded to provide support, comfort, flexibility, stability and so on to the feet.


These shoes will provide you with a maximum amount of protection and superior durability when you are out and about. The outsole are made from durable and lasting materials that provide ultimate protection against dangerous elements on the ground and terrain. Amazingly, the outsole is designed in such away that it gives you maximum traction and support. The outsole are made mostly from rubber, which contribute enormously to the lightweight of the shoes making it a “second skin” and very important to wearer for their everyday activities.


Another great feature of these shoes is the midsole which provides responsive ride to users’. They provide maximum cushioning irrespective of the terrain at every footfall. The boost technology used in the midsole of “ultra boost 19” give your legs a real bust and return of the energy you’ve expended while working. This boost technology in the midsole is one of the sneakers biggest pride and joy, it contributes so much to the comfortability and stability of the feet.


Ah, the upper. The upper part of the shoes is one feature that get and catch the attention of many customers. They have varieties of features ranging from the different designs on them to the different colors which can be very catching and attractive. The upper part of these shoes contribute tremendously to the support provided by the whole shoe which is one most important reason for shoes. Breathability is another great features when looking at the upper part of these shoes, they are made from very breathable materials which allow free flow of air that help to keep the feet cool and dry. So one don’t need to be bothered of his or her fit get suck with sweat after a long run, the upper allow flow of enough air that will evaporate sweat making your feet feel cool.


•Lightweight and flexible construction

•Bounce midsole

•Mesh and synthetic upper


•Fit to size

•Variety in colors

•Cloudfoam memory suckliner


•Narrow in the toe area

•Runs big

•Complaints in the sizing of the sneakers

Materials and durability property

One most important thing that’s always in the mind of customers when going out to get a pair of shoe is how long can this shoe last, cause you do not want to put a large chunk of your hard-earned money to secure a pair of shoes and watch it falls apart just few days after purchasing. Adidas sneakers are made from durable and lasting materials that can serve you for a very long period, though that still depends on how often you used the shoes and what purpose. It is expected that if you are using them for a long run on asphalt they might not last long as if when you are using them for a casual indoor workout. Regardless, of what you use this pairs of shoes for, their promising and lasting property is unquntifiable, this have been attested by many users’ and I’m one of them. Their lasting property is everlasting.

. Adidas collection

Cost and value

Users find that they have excellent value for money especially, considering the fact that they have durable and lasting quality. No customer would be happy after putting a large chunk of his or her hard-earned money and to realize the shoe could not serve it purposes for a long time. Although priced at the higher end of adidas shoes collection, the quality of the shoe, the matchless varieties and everlasting durable quality make them the best top choice for user. So I’ll suggest you try them out if you haven’t and even if you have you can still try another awesome designed.

Bottom line

If you are looking for a decent fashion pair of running or fitness shoes that are perfect for Cross- training then I suggest you try the adidas sneakers. They have an amazing comfortable sole, but the thick and bouncy underfoot cushioning give your legs awesome responsive ride With decent amount of energy return, while running or walking. They provide maximum support and stability, and also wiggle room for the fit. They are made from durable materials that can serve you for a long period. They provide excellent value for money considering how long they last, offering great content and value for the price.