FILA Shoe Review-New fashion shoes

Firstly, I would like to answer a question that’s pop up in the mind of many persons and myself as well. The first time I saw the name FILA the first thing that came to my mind was what does Fila mean or stands for and I believe you had same question as well. So FILA stands for, Forever I Love Atlanta (song) FILA. Fédération Internationale des Luttes Associées. it’s an accronym that referred to different things. The FILA footwear review is basically on products’ not acronyms.

Fila was designed and created in Biella, Piedmont by Giansevero fila in 1911, it was initially making clothing and now manufacturing sport wears of different designs and styles for both men and women, children and athletes. The company’s initial products’ were underwears, before changing to sport wears in 1970, with the endorsement of a tennis player Bjorn Borg, a Swedish formal No.1 tennis player, known to be the greatest player of the sport, enabling the brand “fila” to gain a global recognition.

Giansevero fila, at any point in time never thought of his vision going globally, but continual evulation of innovations and creativity that lies at the heart of successful designers, Pier Luigi Rolando, the artist behind the most iconic designs and Alessandro Galliano, the superbly knowledgeable engineering director made it possible. These two icon shared a common goal and mindset to make sport wears that will not only be convenient but also, to serve as a second skin to the users to ease locomotion and balance.

Fila products’ are now everywhere and I mean ” everywhere” both globally, internationally and locally, love and worn by many individuals. They are not only used as sport wears but as fashion wears. Truth must be told, I never used them for sport but for fashion ” fashion to me is a lifestyle and a hobby” which I find the product especially the shoe awesome and nice. They don’t only augment my look but boost my confidence, that’s to tell you how far the products’ had gone in the mind of people. I got my first Fila shoe in 2015 which I used for several years which I later gave out to a younger friend and I believe he’s still much using it. The products’ durability and lasting quality are everlasting.


Prominent athletes that used Fila’s products’

Fila has enjoyed a special and profound relationship with remarkable athletes, pioneers mark as much by indomitable passion as incomparable performance. Beginning with our debut on the courts with tennis greats, Andriano ponatta, Paolo Bertolucci and the incomparable Bjorn Borg, the greatest Swedish tennis player of all time, that lead to the global recognition of the Fila’s products’.

Fila has had the fortune of helping extraordinary individuals accomplish some of history’s most iconic sports achievements. They followed Borg as he ascended to the pinnacle of sports history, the F-Box logo proudly displayed on his signature polo and headband, winning five consecutive victories at Wimbledon and firmly establishing his legacy as tennis’ most dominant and unique player, both in terms of technique and style. In 1986, when Reinhold Messner reached the treacherous summit of Everest, fueled by the spirit of adventure and the determination to be the first to scale the titan without the aid of additional oxygen, he wore high-tech mountain gear designed by Fila.


Celebrities fans of the Fila Disruptor 2

Top superstar musicians are not only using the fila products’ but also are in love with the brand, ranging from the shoe (disruptor 2) the headband, the awesome shirt in form of polo and to mention a few. Musicians such as Migos, Drake ( the Canadian world best rapper), OBO Davido (Nigeria richest Singer), Wizkid (Nigeria most talented Afro beat Singer) have used fila products’ during their stage performance and social outings. I could remember checking the internet and I saw a picture of Emily Rataskowski wearing kith X coca cola top with demin shorts and Fila disruptor 2 in NYC on Augustine 14. Also, Alessia Cara; the singer flaunting the fila disruptor 2 on a British talk show, Charlie XCX performing in camo look and the Fila disruptor 2.


Durability and lasting quality

Our choice of shoes depends on the purpose in which the shoe is designed, but most importantly, we choose shoes that fit the size of our legs, that are very convenient and how long they can last. We all go for quality product that can serve us for a long period. The first thing we noticed when we look at this shoe, disrupter se, is how dense the upper part is; it literally has overlaid upon overlay in place to provide the wearer with what they need in terms of convenience and protection from hazardous conditions. Also, the sole unit of this model, disrupter se, is incredibly slip-resistant that will definitely keep one from falling off. So far so good, I’ve used fila products’ and I’ve not for any reason regrets using these products’. They are made from durable materials. So, I suggest you check it out.


Cost and value

As is the nature of fila shoe, disrupter se will definitely make for a cost-effective purchasing option. It has all the features that every shoe require and is available at a price that makes it an incredibly viable option for footwear. Things such as the shoe inherent ability to provide the wearer with incredible level of protection and to last despite being used for several years and at work allow the shoe to give value to the wearer’s feet.

Why you should try it out

Looking at how far this brand “fila” has gone, ascending with Bjorn Borg to pinnacle of sport history. The slip-resistant sole unit and the upper overlaid upon overlay that is build to provide convenience and ensure that the wearers has protection from the dangers of their work environment, is an incredible reason why I feel you should try it out. I’ve used it and am still using it, it’s an awesome brand I will forever use. So don’t miss out.

If you do have any questions, comment or suggestions, feel free to leave them here ,for I will be very glad to help you out.


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