puma Shoe Review- Latest sneaker shoes

It was back in 1924 Rudolf and his younger brother Adolf Avon whilhelm Dassler founded the shoe factory in Herzogenaurach, Germany. The brothers started the company in their mother laundry, and during this time electricity supplies in the town was very low, so sometimes they have to used pedal power from a stationary bicycle to generate electricity to power the company and make the business functional. However, in 1948, after increasingly view and opinion on how to run the business, the brothers split the business and Adolf started his own company using a name he formed from his nickname—Adi—and the first three letters of his last name—Das—to establish adidas. Rudolf created a new firm that he called “Ruda”, from “Ru” in Rudolf and “Da” in Dassler. A few months later, Rudolf’s company changed its name to PUMA Schuhfabrik Rudolf Dassler in 1948.

The companies’ rivalry exist to this day. But for the purpose of this review I would be focusing on the Rudolf firm ” puma”. We’ll be looking at the brief history of the brand, plethora features embedded in the puma shoes, the benefit and importance of this amazing Shoes. At the end of this review, I believe you will be convince stepping up your sneaker game and step into style and comfort with the puma brand.

Puma SE, branded as Puma, is a German multinational company that designs and manufactures athletic and casual footwear, apparel and accessories, which is headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany. PUMA is the third largest sportswear manufacturer in the world, founded by Rudolf Dassler in 1948. Its offers products for Basketball, Football soccer, Running, Training and Fitness, Golf, Motorsports and Sportstyle. PUMA becomes the first sports shoe manufacturer to use the technologically advanced vulcanization production technique, whereby the sole and the shaft of the boot are bonded.



Puma logo

Puma’s earliest logo consisted of a square and beast jumping through a D, which was registered, along with the company’s name, in 1948. The logo after many years and evolution of the brand, was change to jumping cat. Today one of the most famous trademarks worldwide, was crafted and created by Lutz Backes, a cartoonist from Nuremberg, and it signified speed, strength,suppleness, agility and endurance.



•Lightweight and breathable upper
•Durable rubber Outsole
•Great shock-absorption


•Only low rise upper
•Runs longer and wider


General futures

With advancement in technology in the footwear industry, puma has done so amazingly well by embedding plethora features into the sneakers which contribute Evenly to the maximum support, superior cushioning and durability of the shoes. These futures include the Outsole, midsole and the upper which contribute not only to the support but also give the foot a snug and cozy feeling. Puma sneakers have variety of styles, these include the lacing system and the awesome designs.



The Outsole of these shoes made from rubber works wonders. Knowing strongly how rubber materials are very essential in shoes, the rubber Outsole offer a great deal of grip and plenty of traction that allow these sneakers to be won not only on all kinds of terrain but to all types of weather conditions. The traction benefit are high, given the fact that the bottom of the Outsole has the necessary ridges that allow you to have firm grip and stability while walking through slippery and chalky terrain. They provide optimal protection against dangerous elements on the ground that can cause injury to the leg.



Ah! The midsole of these sneakers is awesome as the Outsole. Its provide lots of support and cushioning to the foot. It features a softfoam and sock liner which contribute enormously to the comfort and stability. The midsole provides an amazing wiggle room for flexibility and comfortability for the foot and blister-free after a long day adventures. Additionally, the midsole has an excellent shock-absorption, as it absorb the shock of impact, while gently cushioning at each footfall, that transform it into energy that the wearer can use to propel themselves into their next step with ease. The midsole provide users with responsive, springy and effortless ride at every footfall and kept them on track.



Profoundly amazing upper made from a combination of soft mesh and synthetic leather overlays with perforations for maximum breathability, comfortability and support. The perforated space on the upper part of the sneakers allow free airflow for ventilation keeping the feet cool and dry. So wearers don’t need to bother about their feet would smell after a long day run or workout. Puma include a traditional lacing system that help to provide support and maximum traction on all terrain, and also prevent the shoe from falling off on the go. Note also that, the lace has same color as the upper part for example if the upper part is white or Ash in color so is the lace on the sneakers.


The puma sneakers has variety of styles and designed that distinguish them from other sneakers. Also, they have varieties of colorways from an off-white to a rose which make them very attractive, and can go well with a pair of Jeans and trouser, as well as skirts and dresses making them versatile. It’s the wish of everyone user that while putting on your sneaker that everyone on the street should admire you look. Puma combined style and functionality to this great sneakers which can be used as casual wear or used for running and work to provide maximum support and comfortability to wearers.


Materials and Durability property

Puma sneaker shoes are made from materials that contribute largely to their functionality and durability. The upper part of the sneakers are made from a combination of soft mesh and synthetic overlay which contribute to the breathability of this shoe that enable feet to stay cool and dry after a long day work. The softfoam and the sock liner in the midsole help wick away any excess moisture from the foot chamber, for a healthy in-foot environment. In addition, the outsole are made from rubber which offer great grip that prevent wearers from slippering off and provide enough traction on all kinds of terrain. They also help to protect the feet from all kind of dangerous environmental elements that can cause injury to the foot. All these futures and materials contribute enormously and Evenly to the durability of the sneakers.


Cost and value

With a price coming in at the lower end of this great sneaker, the puma sneaker feature allots of amazing and astonishing styles and designed for the money. These sneakers ensure your feet stay fit and comfy, allowing airflow for awesome ventilation that keep your feet dry and cool. Also, these sneakers will also last you an exceptional amount of time because of their great durability. This makes the cost of these seems even less.

Bottom line

First off, the support, comfort and durability offered by these sneakers worth the price tag, so if you are in the market for a pair of cross training shoe and casual shoe, the puma sneaker is just for you. These puma sneakers are designed to give you optimal support and amazing cushioning to keep you safe and comfortable while you are on the go. Whether you are looking for a pair of training shoe for gym section, to run on the track, or to simply wear to work these sneakers are going to be the perfect fit for you. They might not be the best looking but they make up for what they lack by the superior level of comfort and versatility. They’re snug, firm and durable, flexibility is awesome. You’ll never be sorry for purchasing them and they’ll definitely become one of your strongest assets in your shoes closet.